10 lessons to set an exceptional New Year’s table

A centerpiece, napkins, and cutlery…

There is a common refrain! On December 31, we let ourselves be won over by the excitement of setting an exceptional table, because after all, it is a tradition to celebrate the start of the new year! To achieve this, a few golden rules are worth remembering… Follow the guide to set an exceptional table for the New Year.

In 10 lessons, learn how to set an exceptional table for the New Year

The author is Diana Rodriguez

The publication date of this article is August 2, 2012

The update was made at 15:24 on December 1, 2021

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In summary:

  • When the big night comes, take out the dishes

  • Table linens should not be neglected

  • Take a look at your cutlery

  • Dress the table nicely

  • Elegantly arrange cutlery, plates, and glasses

  • Create pretty table tags

  • Decorative items can enhance the table’s appearance

  • Folding napkins are the most decorative

  • It makes a pretty centerpiece

  • Keep bottles chilled with these accessories

When the big night comes, take out the dishes

A New Year’s Eve celebration is one of the best times to dig out crystal glasses and silverware that have been sitting in cupboards for years. There’s nothing better than serving your guests delicious dishes on porcelain plates accompanied by elegant glasses and gleaming cutlery to dazzle and impress them even more!

Table linens should not be neglected

Make sure you dress your table in a pretty tablecloth, and remember to favor a fabric napkin over a paper napkin this year if you want to impress your guests with your New Year’s table.

Cutlery is an important consideration

Adding cutlery holders to your New Year’s table will add even more prestige, as your guests will be able to place their forks and knives there instead of directly on the tablecloth and staining it.

Decide on a nice dress code for the table

It is up to you to choose the colours for your tables on December 31! Most tables are decorated with gold and silver, as well as red or black and white.

Organize cutlery, plates, and glasses elegantly

As important as the choice of crockery on New Year’s Eve is the arrangement of plates, glasses, and cutlery! Let it be said, it is impossible to improvise the setting of a well-lit table. Each plate is accompanied by a wine glass and a water glass, and the wine glass (the smallest) is positioned on the right. In terms of plates, the starter is placed on top of the main course, which is topped by a third appetizer plate. Instead of a parade of cutlery on each side, they are arranged neatly with a ribbon.

Put pretty table tags on your tables

Large tables are often used for New Year’s Eve dinners. Each seat is assigned a label indicating the guest’s name in order to avoid agitation and hesitation when taking a seat at the table. As well as being useful, these labels also look attractive! They can be attached to napkins with ribbons, attached to glasses with clips, or they can take the form of pebbles or slates. It’s an excellent idea…

Decorative items can enhance the table’s appearance

The New Year’s Eve table would be incomplete without decorative accessories! Pretty Christmas balls placed in containers, stars scattered in bulk, a garland crossing the table, powder or white glitter that imitates snow…

Decorative napkins: folding napkins

How about if we replicated the staging of the great restaurants with their sublime folding of napkins? In star shape, pixie slipper shape, leaf shape, spiral shape, crown shape, fir tree shape, rose shape, all tastes are welcome!

It makes a pretty centerpiece

A centerpiece is still a perfect solution if you’re not the type to have thousands of small decorations on your New Year’s table. It will allow you to dress your table and give it a beautiful decorative touch in all elegance, no matter whether you buy directly from the florist or compose it yourself.

A variety of accessories for keeping bottles chilled

The best way to avoid going back and forth to the fridge all the time is to invest in either a champagne bucket (impressive yet imposing) or a bottle cooler; you can now find transparent or silver models that are perfect for party tables.