12 Things in Our Homes Guests Will Notice Even If They Choose to Remain Silent

A lot of people associate guests’ visits with deep cleaning. We mop the floors, clean windows and mirrors, get rid of dust, and give a perfect look to our house. But some little things in our homes can impress guests more than the mess and the traces of cobwebs on the ceiling.

Leaving your TV on

Many of us are so used to TV constantly being on that we don’t turn it off even when guests arrive. But what we perceive as “white noise” can upset other people.

Sensitive guests may experience a real headache because of the monotonous mumbling and constant flickering lights. In addition, a switched-on TV mildly hints that the guests simply can’t keep you engaged and entertained.

Room smell

Every home has its unique scent, which usually catches most guests’ attention immediately. Hosts use different tricks to reduce the unpleasant odors that can occur in any room.

If you must choose between candles and reed diffusers, opting for the first option is better. Fragrance liquid in reed diffusers is made from essential and vegetable oils, and these components may cause an allergic reaction in some people.

  • House smell is the very first thing I notice. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an unpleasant one. But unless you leave your house for a couple of days, you won’t be able to tell what your home really smells like. © Splattabox / Reddit

Small flaws and minor breakdowns

We spend a lot of time at home, so we quickly stop paying attention to seemingly insignificant little things. Stains on light switches, loose baseboards, or panels falling off are annoying, but if we don’t fix these defects immediately, we’ll quickly forget about them. But anyone visiting our home will immediately notice them, especially if everything else looks neat.

Lack of toilet paper

Hosts perfectly understand that toilet paper is a must-have in the bathroom when guests arrive. But it’s better not to limit yourself to just one toilet paper roll. Ideally, you should have a few extra ones in a prominent place in the bathroom.

  • I was at a friend’s party when my stomach decided to play a cruel joke on me. I had to go to the bathroom more than once or twice. And to my horror, at some point, I realized that there was only a tiny pathetic piece of toilet paper on the roll, and the other rolls were nowhere to be seen. This is the most nightmarish memory of visiting someone.

Photographs, paintings and other decor

Some designers note that small decorative elements reveal the most about the homeowner. Some people prefer bare walls so that rooms look a little sterile. Others choose pictures, photographs, and other interior details with love, so the house gets a unique look.

  • My friend invited me to a housewarming party. I was taken aback when I stepped inside the apartment: the smiling faces of the hostess were staring at me from every corner. Her color and black-and-white photos in all kinds of outfits, from evening gowns to peignoirs, were hanging everywhere. A professional took all the photographs, but the overall impression was very mixed.

Fading flowers

A little greenery will add color and liven up even the dullest interior. It’s a relatively cheap way to decorate your home if you don’t want to invest in renovation or purchase expensive interior details. But if plants start to get sick and wither, it’s better to remove them from the eyes of your guests.

Jammed door locks and broken buttons

In any, even in the best-maintained flat, something may break down at some point. Faucets leak, sinks get clogged, and locks jam. If you tell your guests about these little imperfections in advance, you can avoid many awkward situations.

  • In our flat, the landlord put a bathroom lock with a latch on one side and a hole for the key on the other for some reason. The problem is there was no key, but we quickly forgot about it. A couple with a five-year-old boy came to visit us. He managed to lock himself in the toilet, and we had to use improvised tools to get him out. The result was a broken door, angry parents, and lots of vivid memories for the child.

Certain details about your home

There are some problems that guests don’t need to know about, especially if the owners have already successfully solved them. Few would want to hear that insects and vermin once infested the house and that the cozy couch the visitor is sitting on came straight from the dump.

  • I visited an acquaintance of mine. I was comfortably sitting in an armchair with a cup of tea when she shared with me the happy news that they had finally gotten rid of bed bugs. I was genuinely happy for them, but as I’m a suspicious person, I ended up occasionally scratching myself for a couple of days after the visit.

Pets with poor manners

Many people treat our four-legged friends with genuine affection, but only if they behave decently. For example, don’t try to get on the laps, don’t beg for food, lick our faces, or snarl.

  • A friend of mine had a dog that made the hearts of her male guests skip a beat. As soon as the invitees and hosts were seated at the table, the dog would quietly slip under the tablecloth and start circling the people. She would rest her muzzle on a guy’s lap or between his legs and then begin to growl softly, asking for food. No one had ever risked refusing.

Perfectly clean house

Every home reflects its owners’ personality. But some houses make guests feel comfortable even though they’re a mess, while other spaces look so perfect that the guest tense up unintentionally.

  • A friend of mine lived in a house resembling an exhibition exhibit. Even the little trinkets looked as if they were for sale in an expensive interior design shop. I was literally afraid to move or touch anything in there. Too clean, too perfect. © Maxassin / Reddit

Bathroom medical kit

Some guests are more than happy to find out the little secrets of their hosts, especially if there’s a chance to do it discreetly. One of the easiest ways is to look into the medical kit, which many people keep in their bathroom cabinets. One survey showed that 40{8911b186dc8eb68cf7477c00c897a45e728d69107c116b7a555a42ac961b72cc} of guests regularly examine the content of their hosts’ bathroom drawers. So if you don’t desire to share such personal information, removing the medicine from the bathroom before the party is best.

Sports equipment

We round ourselves with things that are meant to tell the world who we really are. If people misinterpret these messages, we feel out of place. And society often expects us to present ourselves only in a positive way, which leads to uncomfortable situations.

We put our bicycles or exercise bikes in a prominent place in the room to show our passion for sports. But if other details in the house negate that signal, both the host and guests might feel uncomfortable.

The truth is that a home should be comfortable and cozy for its owners. But if you want to make a good impression on your guests, there are some details you should pay attention to, considering they’re easy to fix.