14 Crazy Ideas That Worked Out Fine

When designers are called upon to make a public space more comfortable, useful or rational — that is, when designers serve people — it can sometimes lead to fantastic results. We hope they’ll never run out of ideas, and will continue to make the world a more wonderful place in which to live.

The public bench which is also a flower bed

The eco-friendly Wi-Fi hotspot

The reflective garden fence which changes appearance depending on the season

The glow-in-the-dark bike path in this park

The public bench which you can turn over after it rains and sit on the dry underside

These designs for a bench, staircase ramp and rain shelter

The bench which is also a table

The fold-out chairs which look like tulips

And the alternatives to benches — public hammocks!

The bus stop with swings

These free public battery chargers for smartphones

Two uses in one: it’s both a bench and a tree guard

Shade balls are small plastic spheres that are dumped into the reservoirs to protect water from contaminants and UV rays.They also help to reduce evaporation and retain water supply.

Bonus: ingenious markering design

Preview photo credit zigersnead.com