4 ideas to enhance your terrace

Undoubtedly, a terrace, whether part of a house or an apartment, is a true gem in any home! However, it’s not always straightforward to figure out how to best showcase and enhance an outdoor area. That’s why the Déco.fr team is here to offer some tips to help you craft the most stunning terrace imaginable. And naturally, we’ve got some inspiring photos to spark your creativity!

Brighten Your Terrace with Charming Lights

Brighten Your Terrace with Charming Lights

Terraces are not only fantastic for daytime sunbathing and peaceful naps, but they’re also delightful in the evening… perfect for hosting small gatherings or family dinners! To foster a cozy and inviting atmosphere, consider using charming secondary lighting instead of harsh ground spotlights or wall-mounted lights. You can easily and affordably create this ambiance with:

• String lights draped along your balcony railing. Choose from simple white to colorful options for a festive feel.

• Outdoor lanterns and candles to add a gentle glow.

• Illuminated garden furniture like a light-up planter or an LED ottoman!

Harmonize Your Terrace for Function and Beauty

For a terrace that’s both practical and visually appealing, plan your decor style rather than randomly placing assorted furniture.

For a bohemian yet snug setting, consider:
• Woven wooden patio furniture

• A charming outdoor rug at the heart of the terrace

• A suspended chair to enhance the cozy vibe

• Plenty of pillows and throws for ultimate relaxation

For visually pleasing harmony, limit your color palette to soft, elegant shades like beige and gray.

Transform Your Terrace into a Lush Oasis

Transform Your Terrace into a Lush Oasis

If you’re fortunate to have a terrace in the city and are wondering how to decorate it, why not turn it into a lush green haven where you can relax and rejuvenate? Just populate your terrace with a variety of plants, flowers, cacti, small bushes, and floral arrangements in all shapes and colors to inject life and vibrancy! And if you’re keen on cultivating your veggies or an herb garden, go ahead and set up a little vegetable patch.

Once you’re lounging on your terrace, you’ll forget you’re in the middle of the city—that’s a promise!

Once seated on your terrace, you won’t even feel like you’re in town, we guarantee it…

Define Your Terrace with Distinct Zones

A great tip for a well-organized terrace is to designate specific zones for different activities, like dining, lounging, or gardening. Once you’ve established these areas, visually separate them to enhance the terrace’s readability. For instance, you could use grass for the sunbathing section, wooden decking for the gardening spot, and faux stone tiles for the dining area. This approach helps create a clear and inviting outdoor layout.