8 Hacks That Will Help Make Your Work Hours More Bearable

A modern way of living often keeps us nailed to the screen and obligated to sit at least 8 hours a day, which could be seriously harmful to our health. A sedentary lifestyle is linked with numerous health concerns, like obesity, high blood sugar, or increased blood pressure. Because of that, it is crucial to make yourself as comfortable as possible while you work.

1. Raise your legs to prevent swollen feet.

If you sit while you work, you may experience swollen feet. This condition, known as dependent edema, occurs when extra fluid becomes trapped in your body’s tissues. Since it happens when your legs are hanging downward for a long time, the best solution is to raise your legs above your heart. This way, gravity will pull the water in the opposite direction.

2. Try working with a wrist rest.

Fatigue and pain in the wrists caused by keyboard use may be reduced by using wrist rests. These attachments come in different materials and their purpose is to keep your wrists straight while typing on a keyboard. This way, less stabilizing work is required of your forearm muscles, which results in relieving the tension in your arms.

3. Use your breaks wisely.

Taking regular breaks at work is important for boosting creativity and improving focus. However, how you spend this pause also plays a role. Instead of looking at your phone or tablet, try doing something that will carry your thoughts away from work. Activities like taking a walk or meditating will help you refresh and relax.

4. Complete the daunting task before you start anything else.

It is said that once you start something, you are much more likely to finish it. Therefore, the best way to fight procrastination is to start with that one thing you have been avoiding. When you feel a sense of accomplishment, the rest of your workday will seem less stressful, and you will have more energy to finish other tasks.

5. Workout regularly to prevent the consequences of sitting for too long.

The “dead butt syndrome” is a common problem for people who sit for a long time. This occurs when your glute muscles fail to support your pelvis and keep your body in proper alignment. To prevent this, try to move more and include leg day in your workout routine. Exercises that focus on your lower body will strengthen your leg and glute muscles and help you retain the proper posture.

6. Choose a chair that supports your spinal curves.

Sitting at a desk may take a toll on your back. Since back pain makes it hard to concentrate on your job, you should choose a chair that supports a natural posture. However, if you don’t have a proper chair, you can help yourself by using lumbar rolls. Whether you buy one or make it yourself, it will help you relieve the stress in your lower back and maintain good posture.

7. Use a doughnut cushion to avoid pain in the buttocks.

Sitting for a long time may result in pain in the buttocks and bad posture. A doughnut cushion is a tool that can help you prevent these problems. This doughnut-shaped pillow relieves pressure on the tailbone while naturally improving your posture. Not only will you feel more comfortable when sitting on it, but, once the pain is eliminated, it may also help you be more productive at work.

8. Keep plants on your office desk.

Plants in the workplace can make an interior look more pleasant, but they don’t just have a decorative purpose. In fact, studies suggest that greenery in an office can increase productivity by 20-45{8911b186dc8eb68cf7477c00c897a45e728d69107c116b7a555a42ac961b72cc}. The plants not only improve air quality, lower stress, and boost creativity, but they also make the workplace more attractive to applicants.