A Chinese Device With Moving Lips Lets You Kiss Your Loved Ones Anywhere

Opinions on this unique device are divided, with some finding it unsettling while others appreciate its cuteness and usefulness. Regardless, there’s growing enthusiasm for the latest creation by Chinese tech innovators—a device that enables virtual kissing with your loved ones, no matter the geographical distance. Explore the capabilities of this remarkable invention, and perhaps you’ll be the next to exclaim, “I’m sold!”

The invention helps to promote relationships without limitations.

Designed to foster a genuine connection with long-distance partners, this kissing device represents lifelike moving lips. While it permits users to exchange kisses with strangers, its purpose centers on nurturing committed relationships. Mutual consent from both parties is essential for utilizing this innovative device.

Crafted from silicone, the device replicates human lips’ authentic pressure, movement, and warmth through integrated sensors. This enables the device to transmit an exact emulation of the kiss to your loved one’s device. The device operates with a companion mobile app for seamless pairing and interaction.

Many people around the world already found this device extremely useful.

Priced at $38, the kissing device has become a popular item on the Taobao e-commerce platform, with over 100 units sold monthly. As evident in positive reviews, customers express gratitude for the opportunity to simulate intimate moments with their loved ones.

One satisfied customer, engaged in a monogamous long-distance relationship for years, exclaimed, “Thank you, technology!

The device’s creator, whose nickname is Jiang, revealed that he was inspired to invent it during his own 7-year-long separation from his girlfriend. Jiang meticulously designed the device to function exclusively when paired between one sender and one receiver. This ensures that individuals cannot unexpectedly send kisses to recipients not anticipating them.

Technology never fails to surprise us. And what used to be just a fantastic tale, has now become a reality for us. Are you into cool intentions as well? Then make sure to check out our previous article, where we cover various innovations that were created by pure geniuses.