A spray paint method for painting a chest of drawers

We all have an old chest of drawers at home that we no longer know where to place or that doesn’t match our current décor. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to get rid of it, we can simply give it a new style.

Pintyplus sprays make it easy to have a brand new chest of drawers in just one morning.

Let’s begin by transforming ourselves.

  1. For our chest of drawers, we will remove the handles before painting. As always, we recommend cleaning the entire surface before painting.

2. Since our chest is made from plywood, we will apply a layer of universal primer to prepare the surface and to make the paint adhere much better to it.

Primers make the paint adhere much better and more durable, so we recommend them for surfaces like this one, which are non-porous and will have a lot of use.

  1. Having allowed the primer to dry well, we can begin painting. We will paint the chest of drawers and its handles blue, specifically Pintyplus EVOLUTION 5010, an intense blue that will appeal to everyone.

In this case, we painted the drawer fronts with 3020, an intense red from the Pintyplus EVOLUTION collection.

It is important to remember that to paint we must always do it perpendicular to the surface and leave a distance of around 30 cm. Likewise, we recommend applying thin layers in both directions (horizontal and vertical). It is always better to give two thin coats than one very abundant one.

  1. It is now time to assemble our chest of drawers once they have been painted and completely dried.

  1. It takes about 20 minutes for everything to dry and we can handle it after that.

  1. Our chest of drawers is now ready to be put in its new location, and we can enjoy it!

This way we can prolong the life of our furniture and enjoy them for much longer by restoring our chest of drawers with a different and more current style, which can cost very little and take less than a morning.

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