A spray paint tutorial for painting a chest of drawers

We all have old chests of drawers that no longer suit our current decor, but that does not mean we have to discard them, we can give them a new style.

A Pintyplus spray makes it very easy for us to have a brand new chest in just one morning.

Let’s begin by transforming ourselves.

  1. In the case of our chest of drawers, we’re going to take the opportunity to remove the handles before we begin painting.

2 . As our chest of drawers is made of plywood, we will apply a coat of universal primer to prepare the surface and make the paint adhere much better.

Primers improve the adhesion of paint and make it more durable, so we recommend them for surfaces like this one that are not porous and are likely to be heavily used.

  1. In the case of the chest of drawers and the handles, we are going to paint them blue, specifically Pintyplus EVOLUTION 5010, an intense blue that will not leave anyone indifferent.

While it dries, we paint the drawer fronts with Pintyplus EVOLUTION 3020, a very intense red.

When painting, it is important to remember that we must always paint perpendicular to the surface and leave a 30-cm distance between us and the surface. We also suggest that you apply thin layers in both directions (horizontal and vertical). It is always better to apply two thin coats of paint than one very thick one.

  1. In order to reassemble our chest of drawers, we need to paint them and let them completely dry.

  1. Everything is dry to the touch within 20 minutes, so we can handle it after that.

  1. We just have to put our chest of drawers in its new location, and enjoy it!

We can have our chest of drawers restored and restyled with a difference and more current style in less than a morning, thereby prolonging the life of the furniture.