An exotic terrace for the summer, instructions for use

Exceptional getaway in the tropics

If in winter the terrace is not necessarily very useful, in summer it becomes a new room in the house that we love to invest in to sip an aperitif, take a nap, sunbathe, read a book, have a meal in family or friends… the possibilities are endless! And if you want to spend as much time as possible on your terrace this summer, you might as well make sure that it is as pleasant to live in as possible! Here are some tips for successfully transforming your dreams, and creating an exotic terrace for the summer.

An exotic terrace that sends wood 

When we think of an exotic terrace, the material that immediately comes to mind is… wood of course! Natural and warm, it is simply ideal to bring a nice authentic note to your terrace. And if you are not lucky enough to be able to dress the floor of your outdoor space with a pretty duckboard or wooden slats , don’t panic: you can completely deceive yourself by opting for exotic wood furniture  ! An ideal solution to give you the impression of going on a trip to the other side of the globe without leaving your home. Without forgetting that exotic woods have many advantages, because in addition to being aesthetic, they are also:

  • Resistant to humidity and rot-proof (they are not afraid of mould);
  • Wear resistant;
  • Weather resistant;
  • Solid and durable without requiring specific treatment or maintenance.

So for a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, let yourself be tempted by a bamboo bench, a wenge dining table or a teak bench . 

Tropical atmosphere on the terrace: bright colors and patterns

So that your terrace is full of pep and exudes the joy of living, there is no question of dressing it in neutral and too wise tones! Say “yes” to the warm and lively colors that will bring a vitamin shot to your outdoor spaces: apple green, lemon yellow, raspberry red, turquoise blue, coral pink … there is only the embarrassment selecting. 

Another essential for an exotic terrace: tropical patterns and prints of course! Pineapples, monkeys, toucans, peacocks, tiare flowers and orchids, XXL monstera leaves and many others will be delighted to display themselves on your cushions, your towels, your glasses and your dishes for a totally exotic and refreshing decoration. 

An exotic terrace thanks to the right accessories 

In the top 5 essentials for the terrace in tropical mode, don’t forget:

  • The deck chair with a colorful and pepsy fabric to chill in peace!
  • Decorative dried palm or banana leaves , so exotic!
  • Citronella candles so that mosquitoes are the only ones not to invite themselves during summer meals;
  • Light torches to illuminate your terrace with 1000 lights at nightfall;
  • The outdoor rug with tropical print, to combine business with pleasure. 

Exotic terrace: we see life in green

With the beautiful days, we all dream of being in the tropics while sipping a small cocktail… But now, the holidays are not eternal. The idea is therefore to treat yourself to a little corner of paradise at home. The main argument of an exotic terrace? Abundant greenery thanks to  plants . 

But of course, not just any: an exotic terrace must favor plants such as palm trees, bamboo , banana trees, agavaceae, succulents without forgetting flowering shrubs such as hibiscus or agapanthus.