As a hobby room, the veranda

Veranda fun and relaxation, instructions included!

It is a real asset to your home if you have a veranda! It can serve as a real extra room, such as a living room or dining room… as well as an additional room for fun and relaxation. Want to make it a leisure room? Follow our advice to do it successfully!

In summary:

  • An indoor and outdoor relaxation area, the veranda

  • Children and adults alike can play on the veranda

  • In sports mode, the conservatory

An indoor and outdoor relaxation area, the veranda

It is so appreciated that with all its windows and bay windows, it provides a fabulous view of your garden, which makes it an ideal place to relax. When installed in your veranda, you’ll enjoy the comfort of the indoors while feeling like you’re outside; it’s the concept of inside-out living! You can make your veranda a hybrid space between your house and your garden if you imagine, for example, a winter garden that you can open in the summer.

You should arrange this space of peace and relaxation as you should by installing a comfortable garden furniture that you can enjoy all year round. For the outside, we’ll go with a braided resin model, which is quite trendy. As well as deck chairs, chaise longues, and hammocks, you can also make your space comfortable by adding a deck chair, chaise longue, or hammock. An unusual decorative object like a hanging chair will always have its own little effect if you like it!

Don’t hesitate to include the following on your veranda to maximize the “relaxation” side:

  • Relax and enjoy the sound of lapping water in your veranda with this small Zen outdoor fountain.

  • You can soothe your spirit with plants, which not only brighten up your veranda but also add color and life.

  • Embrace the cozy and cocooning side of your backyard with cushions, rugs, and throws.

Children and adults alike can play on the veranda

What if the veranda could be turned into a playroom at home where young people and adults can have fun and enjoy the beauty of the garden at the same time? The good news with the veranda is that you can enjoy it all year round, even on rainy days! Therefore:

  • Once again, the soft and comfortable rugs are a great idea to ensure the little ones don’t catch cold when playing on the floor.

  • The veranda can also be converted into a games room for teenagers and adults. On the agenda: table football, billiards, darts… And why not install a bar to extend the conviviality of the space?

A conservatory in sports mode 

You can also convert your veranda into a mini-gym to work out and maintain yourself from home, especially when the weather is bad. Choose the equipment of your choice: treadmill, exercise bike, yoga mat, stepper, weight bench, elliptical trainer, fitness equipment…