Branches for Christmas decorations

ur Christmas decorations usually look the same, so by making our own we can make them unique and unrepeatable. This tutorial will show you how to make an extremely unique and simple Christmas decoration made of branches.



  • Wood cutting disc

  • Multitool Dremel 8220

  • A multi-view dremel

  • The Dremel 940 is a glue gun

  • Shears for pruning

A description of the sources of the materials

  • The integer

  • This template can be found here

  • The branch of a tree


Branches need to be pruned first

In order to make our new Christmas decoration, use a pruning shears to get a branch. This will be the main material we will use. Remove the leaves and smaller stems with scissors, leaving only the main body.

The branches should be cut

After obtaining the branch, cut it into 1cm pieces so you can make your homemade Christmas decoration. Using the Dremel Multi-Vise tool, we will be able to make clean, straight, and precise cuts that will result in all pieces being equal and visually uniform.

The pieces need to be glued together.

After we have all the small trunks, it is time to shape the Christmas decoration. You can use a template to guide you when you put all the pieces together, as if it were a puzzle. In order to calculate the amount of trunks needed, which will depend on the thickness of the chosen branch, it is best to place them from the inside to the outside.

Your homemade Christmas ornament is now ready to be decorated with twine

You can hang one of the top pieces on your Christmas tree if you tie a string to one of the top pieces before gluing all the pieces together. Attach the remaining pieces and… voila! A beautiful homemade Christmas ornament is already ready.

Would you like to share your thoughts about this homemade Christmas ornament in the comments? If you dare to do it at home, show us the result so we can show it off. Your friends will surely love this original idea! Here are some great ideas and accessories for the tree for decorating your home on these dates.