Create a layout with Pintyplus’ spray and stencil

In fact, this one you’re about to see is really beautiful. It had been days since we brought you a scrapbooking. It is about making a layout, a type of scrapbooking that consists of making a 30’5 x 30’5 page. Scrapbooking is about preserving memories in a beautiful way. In this case, we will make a layout using spray and pintyplus stencils.

The materials

  • Removable adhesive spray by Pintyplus

  • Spray Pintyplus AQUA

  • Cardboard white

  • The seals

  • Die-cutting

  • Woods of little size

  • The buttons

Taking it step by step

Let’s see how easy it is to make a layout with sprays and pintypuls stencils:

Stencil adhesive that is removable

To give a good definition, we will use the Pintyplus Removable Adhesive. The idea is to spray the stencil from the back for about three seconds. This ensures that the stencil adheres to the surface we want to paint and the paint does not slip under it. If we want to give the stencil more support, we can use masking tape. It is important not to impregnate it too much with adhesive so that residue does not remain once we remove it.

In order to paint, we must wait a minute after applying the removable on the stencil before sticking it. We must also wait a minute after hooking it before painting.

2. Paint the stencil with the paint

The paint is sprayed at the right distance (about five centimeters, for Aqua) and we avoid overusing it or stopping at one point too long so that it doesn’t hang. If it hangs down, we run the risk of slipping and losing definition once we have unhooked the stencil. After applying the paint, we will wait three minutes before unhooking the template in order to avoid dragging.

The bottom of the frame has been stenciled with one stencil; the butterfly has been stenciled with another.

The stencil needs to be cleaned.

The drawing has been perfect. Now we have to clean the stencil with a view to using it in the future. Cleaning the template quickly will make the process very quick. In either case, we can remove the paint with isopropyl alcohol or with acetone quickly, leaving our stencil as new. In the event that the paint dries too quickly, we can remove it with acetone and a little more effort. To avoid lifting the surface at any of the points that delineate the drawing’s silhouette, it is recommended to apply the cleaner with a brush.

We cut out the butterfly in 4o.

As soon as we have the cardboard with the butterfly printed on it, we will be able to cut it with scissors while respecting the edge.

The layout was set up at 5 o’clock

It’s beautiful! The background with italicized letters, the butterfly, the picture of our memory, and the stamps complete the layout.

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