Dining room and living room resolutions for 2023

Dining room and living room decor resolutions

The year is coming to an end. To start the new year on the right foot, make a list of good resolutions. And decoration is no exception to the rule. In order to cope with economic and environmental challenges, good resolutions lead to responsible decorating and reasoned consumption. Find out what good resolutions 2023 are for your living and dining rooms.

In summary:

  • Put your things in order and sort them out

  • You can change the decor by moving your furniture around

  • It is better to repair than to buy

  • Make your furniture last longer by repurposing it

  • It is better to buy less but better

  • 6. Update your wall decor

  • 7. Embrace nature’s rhythm

Put your things in order and sort them out

Organizing your belongings allows you to sort through your head and free your mind, so why not take advantage of the New Year’s resolutions?

In the living room, magazines and newspapers lying around, papers piled up on a dining room table… Get rid of them and keep only the essentials. Like a decorative detox, you will feel lighter and your home will look better.

2. Rearrange your furniture to change the decor

Are you tired of decorating the living room and dining room? In place of buying new furniture and decorative accessories, why not just move the furniture around in each room? The simple act of moving a piece of furniture allows you to update your interior for less than the cost of buying new furniture.

It is better to repair than to buy

In 2023, consider repairing rather than buying new. Televisions, speakers, air conditioners… If your electronic devices break down, check to see if they can be repaired before buying new ones.

The good news ? Since December 15, the introduction  of a repair bonus  allows you to benefit from an immediate reduction for the repair of electrical and electronic devices (vacuum cleaner, television, computer, etc.). To benefit from it, all you have to do is contact a repairer with the QualiRépar label.

You can give your furniture a second chance by recycling it

Consider giving your furniture a second life. Once again, re-designing and customizing existing furniture makes it possible to afford a new decor at a lower cost and in an environmentally friendly way.

You can repaint the cabinets in the living room and replace the handles. You can paint or stencil the chairs in the dining room or reupholster them with fabric.

5. Buy fewer, but better products

Buying new furniture, electronics, and accessories if your old ones are unusable can still be a good option. To do so, invest in quality furniture that will last rather than cheap ones.

For decorative accessories, we recommend artisanal decoration, handmade in France and/or from small designers. This is another area where the 2023 resolutions emphasize responsible decoration and rational consumption.

6. Update your wall decor

You can breathe new life into the living room and dining room decor by simply changing the wall decorations. So, take advantage of the new year to change the content and layout of your frames.

Make a gallery wall out of family photos, posters, and quotes that inspire you right now.

7. Embrace nature’s rhythm

The good decoration resolutions of the living room and the dining room are completed by a resolution that will benefit the planet as well as your morale: living according to nature’s rhythm.

Plants indoors contribute to our health, so let them into your home. Use seasonal flowers to decorate the dining table or living room furniture only: fresh spring flowers in the spring, dried flowers in the fall… Respect the cycle of the seasons when it comes to flowers!