Garden plants: 20 perfect ideas to decorate your outdoor area

Is the decoration of your garden or terrace super boring? Are you looking for colors and fill those outdoor spaces with life? Here we offer you 20 garden plants that can decorate both your patio and your terrace to leave all your visitors speechless. You will fall in love with our options for outdoor plants and flowers, and if you don’t believe me, read on and enjoy! 


We are going to start with the Chinese orange blossom , Pittosporum tobirna or pitosporo , which is a shrub that can become a tree up to 10 meters high. This plant grows very fast and supports any exposure or climatic condition. If you choose it, you will enjoy multiple white star-shaped flowers, completely covering the plant. Pretty right? 

Chinese orange blossom garden plants
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Clematis plants ( Clematis spp. ) is a highly valued garden plant since its family includes approximately 300 species of climbing and herbaceous plants that are often placed in many homes due to their long flowering period. In addition, it can be grown in pots and is perfect for covering pergolas, walls or fences as it is highly resistant to climate change, it only needs rich and humid soils 

Clematide Outdoor Garden Plant
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The Agapanthus africanus , called agapando and also known as love flower and African lily , is an outdoor plant that produces lush foliage of great ornamental value throughout the year. Likewise, spectacular white or blue flowers bloom . It is resistant and is used by pots or to cover floors. Look, its color resembles that of blueberries 🫐

outdoor garden plant flower agapanthus


Another garden plant very similar to the previous one is the blue lily , or also called the Germanic iris . Its flowers are born ribboned and large, violet in color 💜, although there are also varieties in yellow, white and red. It is characterized by growing in all types of soils, it is also very resistant and can grow in pots and containers. Careful! It can become invasive because it spreads very easily.

plants outdoor gardens blue lily
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One of the most grateful garden plants that exist are hydrangeas . If we talk from the beginning, its cultivation is already very easy , both in a pot and in the ground. Its flowers are very pretty, and they need to live in the shade or semi-shade, you can never give them direct light as it would damage their colors. It must always be humid, plant it in acid soil and cut off the flowers that wither. Do you like hydrangeas? Do not miss our guide on how to care for hydrangeas , you will achieve a very beautiful garden 🌸

garden plant hydrangeas
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Yuccas are plants that resemble palm trees 🌴 since they show a similar size and are grateful for their low maintenance level They offer white floral rods between their leaves that can reach 2 meters in length . They are grown in a pot, in the ground, and can be used as an indoor plant. By the way, if you want plant ideas for your home, don’t hesitate to read our list of 30 hardy and easy-care houseplants.

Outdoor Yucca Palm Plant
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Daisies are very famous for being a wild flower that can withstand all the sun’s rays and needs almost no care It just needs to be watered frequently. It can become the perfect decoration and, also, an ideal background for your photographs 📸

daisies garden plant
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On the other hand, CARNATIONS are another perfect garden plant to decorate your exterior since they offer a wide range of colors. They are also resistant to direct light and must be watered regularly in hotter climates 🌞

Outdoor plants Carnations
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These flowers will sound a lot to you since the influencers on social networks have made them fashionable. Tulips are a plant that have always conquered and now Instagram is full of them. Its colors are bright, highlighting yellow and red. For their care, they need direct sun and also semi-shade, as well as sandy and wet soils 🌷🌷

perfect tulips garden plants


To give a space between so many flowers and garden plants… why don’t we plant a tree? Don’t worry, it’s not a giant tree, we know that many of you only have a terrace. Lemon trees are tiny since their roots do not grow much because they are grown in pots, and they look great in your patio or outdoor area. And be careful, its maintenance is for beginners, we assure you 🍋

Lemon tree for outdoor areas


The photinia , better known as photinia or ‘Red Robin’ , is an ornamental outdoor garden plant thanks to its reddish hue forming very decorative hedges. It is a fast-growing, elongated evergreen shrub reaching approximately 3 meters in height in full sunlight. Eye! The reddish color changes according to the season of the year: they are red in spring, purple in summer and green in winter. Incredible true? 🤩

Photinia garden plant red leaves
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The Ophiopogon japonicus , better known as the convalaria plants, are very dense herbaceous bushes that cover the ground, for this reason they are usually used as a carpet on borders, under trees or next to ponds, they can even be planted in pots. Its leaves are long, narrow, and it produces white, lilac, and light pink flowers, as well as pea-sized fruits. And always remember to place them in shady areas! ⛱️ 🌥️

Ophionapogon Japonicus outdoor plant
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On the other hand, we want to show you the CONVALLARIA MAJALIS , or also called lily-of-the-valley or lily-of-the-valley, of the convalaria genus with stems between 15 and 30 cm high and leaves 10 and 25 cm long. You should also grow them in shady areas. What is very pretty? 🤍

Convallaria Majalis plant for gardens


Wisteria are well-known climbing plants that we can find in many porches and gardens because they are very pretty flowers Its petals are mauve in color , with hanging clusters that captivate you with their captivating scent. They need a warm, sunny environment, especially if frost arrives, and with moderate watering… Don’t let it dry out! ( Clubdeportestolima ) 🍃

Plant for garden or outdoors Wisteria hanging


The species cupressocyparis leylandii , known as leylandi or leilandi cypress , is the perfect plant for not planting the typical tall cypress trees of a lifetime, since this alternative is more beautiful, leafy and… more resistant! It grows fast, reaching 50 centimeters per year and we recommend that it reach two meters, but don’t worry, you can formally cut it to where you like it best. In addition, it adapts to any soil. What a plant wall so ideal for a large garden! 🧱💚

Shrub cypress for garden and outdoors
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Geraniums are perfect for gardens where they can receive a lot of sunlight, they also offer permanent flowering Its easy care only requires humidity, and in summer it must be constant, and when autumn arrives, prune them. They are so pretty! 💁‍♀️ Here we leave you a guide on how to take care of a geranium , where we show you types, care and other tips, you can’t miss it.

Garden and indoor plants Geraniums


The viburnum tinus , popularly known as the durillo or wild laurel , is a shrub that can perfectly reach 4 meters in height. This plant is usually used as an ornamental plant to form hedges and fences, we can even grow it in pots. It is resistant, surviving external conditions, and with flowers that last from winter to spring ❄️

Durillo outdoor shrub for gardens
Source: @lesley4271


The clivia miniata is a very powerful and highly appreciated plant that has become fashionable among garden plants. We find a herbaceous plant with very thick leaves and where some very beautiful orange 🏵️ flowers bloom from the end of winter to the middle of summer. In addition, some green berries are born on this bush that later give a reddish color ❤️ Clivia is resistant and does not tolerate full sun, so it can be grown in pots both outdoors and indoors.

Clivia orange flower garden plant


If you want to fill your outdoor area with a clean white color, gardenias are your ideal garden plant. Among its care, we highlight that its key temperature is 18º , in addition to needing to always be moist and light to grow, but be careful since they cannot tolerate excess heat or cold. I know, they are a bit complicated, but how pretty are they? 🌼

White Gardenias garden plants
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Callistemon citrinus , popularly known as the pipe cleaner , brush tree , or red broom , is an evergreen shrub that resembles a brush in its dense spikes of red flowers. Its leaves are greyish green in color and it can reach 4 meters from the ground in the garden and 3 meters in a pot. Its lemon aroma will catch you instantly, as well as being decorative and resistant. It’s perfect! 🌹👌

Outdoor Plants Callistemon


San Juan lilies , or also known as daylilies ( Hemerocallis spp. ) are lilies or lilies that are highly prized for their orange blossom-scented blooms. These flowers are born in late spring and last until early fall. However, even if they do not flower, their leaves are also attractive. They need semi-shade and grow in soils that do not tend to be waterlogged as they tolerate dry humidity 🪴

Daylily Plants for your garden area
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The tecomaria ( Tecomaria capensis ) is the one with which we end the list. Also known as bignonia or Cape honeysuckle , it is an undemanding plant that can tolerate drought and be planted in pots. It displays as a shrub with red or pink flowers and flowers from early autumn and can last until late winter. Apart from being an isolated shrub, it can be used as a climbing plant.

Tecomaria garden plants
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Did you like our super pretty and easy-care garden plant ideas ? I hope so, write us below in the comments which one has been your favorite ✍️ Also, we leave you here a guide to shade plants in case your garden doesn’t get so much sun ☀️ or you want to decorate the interior of your home 🏠