Here are 13 ideas and tips for lighting up your garden

It is well known that Saturday after-dinners usually last until late on Saturday when the weather is good. Although spring brings rainy days too, it is always good to anticipate and think about adequate lighting to enjoy your garden during the hottest nights. Do you not know what’s in style or what suits you best? Here are 13 ideas to illuminate your garden that will make it both functional and decorative.

The first step is to create different environments

There is an important aspect of choosing bulbs that produce a calm, comfortable, and well-lit environment. Did you know that light is better suited to some rooms than others? Temperature indicates the hue of light and is usually measured in degrees Kelvin.

Illuminate the garden with warm tones

You can create more inviting outdoor spaces with bulbs that have warm tones. These bulbs are suitable for creating cozy, lax spaces.

The garden is illuminated with cold tones

It is recommended to use cold-toned bulbs (below 3500k) in outdoor spaces. Cold-toned bulbs work best in passages of the garden.

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2. Install giant natural fiber lamps in the garden

Giant lamps are usually associated with hulks when you hear the word giant lamp, but they can also be used to illuminate large tables on the porch roof. Their design gives the garden a trendy look, both during the day and at night. They are made of light materials like paper or natural fiber. So don’t worry about their weight!

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3. Floor lamps for outdoor use

You can create a well-lit outdoor living room with floor lamps in garden areas with in-and-out seating or sofas.

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4. Illuminate the garden by highlighting elements!

Lighting up passageways is another way to bring light to areas of the garden. Install lights in the ground along a path or around trees to give them a more decorative feel.

A garden spotlight takes up hardly any space and provides excellent light. The ideal place to place them is in places with little light, as the lighting they project is directional and can be annoying for the meeting area. Furthermore, you can find them in different colors so that you can create an environment that is more daring.

String lights for outdoor use

Another essential to illuminate and decorate the garden is outdoor string lights. They can be placed on pergolas, or joining one corner to another of the garden, or even over trees.

Lighting your garden with efficient energy is a great way to save money!

Light bulbs with motion sensors or those powered by solar rays are great choices to reduce light consumption and save on your electricity bill.

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Lamps that can be transported

A portable lamp has the advantage of being able to be placed on a large table or coffee table as well as in any corner of the garden, and they usually have rechargeable batteries, so you do not have to plug them in.

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8. Distribute the light according to your garden’s areas

Ensure that garden lighting is distributed at different points, so that it harmonizes the entire area. Do not concentrate all the lighting in one place and combine intensities. For example, place candles in the center of the tables and add more powerful lighting, such as ceiling lamps or wall sconces.

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Entrance beacons

The beacon is another type of light you can install in your garden. It comes in a variety of formats and you can place it at the entrance to the porch, near plants and shrubs, etc. Its main purpose is to light up the areas that aren’t well lit.

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Lighting the garden powerfully with street lamps

Street lamps are the best option if your garden is large and you need good lighting. They have the greatest light projection!

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The use of candles creates a cozy atmosphere

A candle can be placed on large tables, coffee tables, auxiliary tables, or hanging lanterns to enhance the light in specific areas of the garden.

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Smart lighting is a smart investment

Create lights that do not require electrical wiring. In this manner, the garden will present a much more aesthetic and decorative aspect. To do this, we recommend that the lights are connected to your mobile device. Philips has a model that lets you control the lights from anywhere in your house, without the need for switches or wiring! We’ve seen it on Amazon.