Home DIY: 15 beautiful ideas to renovate your bedroom

Do you dream of having a unique bedroom that represents your own style? In this post I am going to give you some nice ideas for you to renew it. Easy homemade DIY that you can do without spending a lot of money.


Noble materials such as wood, metals such as copper or cement are ideal for decorating your bedroom. Whether your preferred style is an industrial or Nordic style, or you simply don’t marry either and like to search Pinterest for decoration ideas, I have selected 15 ideas for you to create your own coat racks, headboards, bedside tables, table lamps and some ideas to organize your desk. What idea do you like best for your home?


Original, beautiful and DIY coat racks (donkeys)

1. Industrial style with metal pipes

This metallic effect coat rack can become the star of your bedroom. If you want to highlight your clothes, the copper color is ideal in front of white walls. You can do it in two ways, either with copper pipes or by spray painting some PVC pipes (this option is cheaper).

industrial style coat rack with metal pipes

2. Rustic style with a tree branch

This idea with which we were inspired to make a hanger for necklaces could not be simpler  . Take a fallen branch from a tree that you find in one of the walks through the forest that we like so much in Handfie, better if it is of medium thickness, varnish it a little and hang it from the ceiling with two ropes. Incredible true?

Rustic style coat rack with a tree branch


3. Nordic style with a wooden staircase

An old wooden ladder split in half is the base of this beautiful coat rack. Use some wooden shelves below for shoes and a wooden or metal bar for hangers and voilà! An idea to give your coat rack even more glamor is to line the shelves with vinyl imitating marble.

Nordic style coat rack with a ladder and wooden shelves

Ideas to organize the desk

4. Wooden fruit boxes

It was one of our first DIY in Handfie. It was strawberry season and we asked for a few boxes of empty strawberries at the fruit shop. Watch the video and follow the steps. It is very easy to have some beautiful organizers for your desk with a budget of laughter.


5. Metal fence

How many times have I seen this idea on Pinterest and it never ceases to amaze me by how simple and beautiful it is. A basic metal fence that becomes your best ally to organize your work, to highlight some special photos or to remind you of a pending appointment.

metal grid to organize desk

6. Tin cans

The typical IKEA supports for the kitchen are not only used to hang cutlery drainers or kitchen utensils. Take it to the bedroom, paint some cans with style and you have a super original organizer for pencils, pens and office supplies.

Canning jars as pencil holders


fabric headboards

7. Patchwork style

If colorful styles are your favorite, patchwork is the solution you are looking for. Cut pieces of wood with the same dimensions, whether they are square, rectangular or triangular, and cover each one with a different piece of fabric. You can fix the pieces directly to the wall or to a wooden board (better if you are renting). To fix them, you can use double-sided tape or mounting adhesive.

patchwork style headboard
Via: Handfie

8. Tufted headboard

We can’t wait to do a tutorial on quilting at Handfie! Meanwhile, I share with you one of the ideas that I like the most made with capitoné. This headboard looks like it came out of an expensive store and is nothing more than a DIY made with love and detail. If you like capitoné, you just have to choose the fabric that you like the most.

Gray tufted headboard

9. Headboard reupholstered and repainted with chalk paint

If you find the headboard above in the photo below in the trash, don’t ever say horrifying! Think about how amazing it can be if you reupholster it and give it a coat of paint with chalk paint style. The before and after is amazing, don’t you think?

Vintage upholstered headboard before and after

Nightstands with boxes

10. Industrial style with big wheels

This nightstand has several secrets that make it so special. The first, the pages of some beautiful books that make the background and that have been glued with the decoupage technique ; the second, the decorative varnish with which the box has been painted -in an oak-like tone-; and the last one, the large wheels that give the table an industrial look. In my opinion, a pass.

Industrial style nightstand


11. Boho style painting the bottoms

You can create a Nordic-style corner in your room by combining several light-colored wooden boxes. If you also want to bring some color to this corner, paint the background with some designs to your liking. Bet on being original.

Boho style nightstand

12. Shabby chic style with gray chalk paint

The shabby chic style, in case you didn’t know, consists of combining old elements with modern elements in the decoration and it mainly consists of mixing old elements with modern and owes its influence to the country houses of Great Britain. Do you like this style of nightstand?

Shabby chic style nightstand

table lamps

13. Nordic style with a filament bulb

If you love vintage filament bulbs, you always have to keep in mind that they consume significantly more energy than more modern LED bulbs. Although there are already some filament LED models, these are usually more basic than those of the incandescent models. For once, it is worth spending a few extra euros at the end of the year to get this Nordic-style lamp model that our friend Javi, from the blog Yonolotiraría, made famous. How about?


14. Industrial style with a cement base

This DIY looks difficult or straight out of an expensive store. Did you think about it when you saw it? Well, I promise you that it is a DIY lamp made by someone like you or me. A cement base, some wooden slats, a simple electrical installation (learn how to do it here) and an original lamp. Result: an incredible DIY lamp.

Industrial style table lamp with cement

15. With copper and globe bulb

Finally, one of our favorite projects. This industrial style table lamp made with copper tubes and elbows and a globe bulb, clear LED. I love copper as a material to decorate the house and this lamp is no less.

table lamp with copper

And what is the DIY that you liked the most of these 15? Do you have any great ideas to add to the list?

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