How to change the bathroom’s decor on a budget

What you can do to revamp your bathroom without breaking the bank

If your bathroom lacks a dog, there is no need to save for years. Here are some tips to renovate the decor on a small budget

The author is   Audrey C.

Date of publication: 19 December 2019

Posted at 3:21 p.m. on August 5, 2022.

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  • Budget constraints

The summary is as follows:

  • The first step is to dramatize light

  • In the second place, we vegetate

  • A new coat of paint is applied to the furniture

  • We change the color of our clothes

  • Taking a closer look at the tiles

  • 6. The curtain is changed

  • The laundry is revisited

  • 8. We dare to wear trinkets

  • 9. Shelves are added

  • Changing accessories is part of our routine

The first step is to dramatize light

A recessed spot in a bathroom isn’t mandatory. You can also choose wall lights, or even suspensions, as long as the system is installed in accordance with the rules of the game and is completely waterproof. We search garage sales or inexpensive decoration brands to find low-cost light fixtures that turn the room into a four-star hotel bathroom if the installation allows it.

2. Vegetation is a part of life

Exotic plants love the humid atmosphere of the bathroom, so the trick is not only ultra-decorative, but also ultra-decorative. Adapting the varieties to the light, sowing them on furniture or shelves, adding pretty planters, and enjoying the jungle bathroom, it is trendy, easy and you don’t need a big budget to create it, and we are happy with not too expensive varieties, cuttings or recovered plants!

The furniture is painted

When trying to upgrade the bathroom decor without breaking the bank, we attack the vanity unit without hesitation. It is generally imposing, so it alone defines the room’s style, and it can be modernized without breaking the bank. The first option is to paint it with a special wet room paint. The second option is to cover it with adhesive facades in panels or rolls. The result is decorative, affordable and always beautiful.

We change the color of our clothes

Why settle for an all-white bathroom? It is design and timeless, okay, but when you are looking to change the atmosphere of the room, color can’t be beat. Even if you only repaint a section of the bathroom wall, you can change the bathroom decor. Everyone has a unique style, from daring plums to soft greens, dark blues to flesh pinks.

The tiles are revisited

There’s nothing new about the bathroom tiling. We bet on colored or patterned stickers that are easy to find and stick directly on the tiles, in pop, retro, modern versions… or, of course, cement tiles to make a change at a reasonable price. There is only one downside to this: if the tiles are textured, the stickers won’t work… in this case, we will need paint instead.

6. The curtain is changed

Instead of a glass wall, why not use a shower curtain? You can change it easily on a small budget. The designs are endless, with patterns, messages, trompe-l’oeil, colorful or minimalist, and they always make a nice statement for an inexpensive decoration. In a bathroom that is too white, we focus on color to awaken the atmosphere!

The laundry is revisited

If your bathroom is monochromatic or lacks style, add a splash of bright colors to the white or gray walls. Here is a simple and inexpensive way to change the decor of the bathroom… change towels! It doesn’t matter what color you choose, as long as it awakens the decor, turquoise blue, bright red, fuchsia pink, or canary yellow, it’s perfect if you find a matching bath mat, or one under the sink, too.

8. We dare to wear trinkets

Bathroom decor can be easily changed with just a few trinkets. While the room may be utilitarian, decorative objects are not overlooked, on the contrary! A colorful vase at a low price, a pretty trendy mirror, a series of inexpensive boxes or even a recovered vintage statuette? With low-budget decoration brands, flea markets and garage sales, you can find plenty of ideas!

9. Shelves are added

There are a few reasons why shelves in a bathroom are a decorative bonus. One is that they are inexpensive, and two is that they are stylish and break up monotony in the bathroom walls. Three, you can store everything you want to clear the surfaces, including pretty decorative objects that transform the atmosphere without spending a lot. Trinkets, remember? They’ll look great on the shelves!

10. We change the accessories

Since we couldn’t forget them, we also think about accessories when remodeling the bathroom! They are cheap, functional, and stylish, so they can add a touch of elegance to the room. We combine or mismatch toothbrush holders, toothglasses, soap dishes, or soap dispensers, but we skip the old damaged holders in favor of chic decor with trendy items.