How to decorate a room without spending a lot of money

Our promise is that decorating your room with creativity and transforming it into a cozy, cool place does not need to be expensive. In this post, we have not proposed to take that idea out of your head and teach you that, with a little ingenuity and willingness to work a little, decorating a room will not break your bank. Check out these ideas to decorate a room without spending a lot of money and let us know if we are right or not in the comments. If you want more ideas, visit one of these 20 decoration stores in Madrid, which we know well. 🙂

Imagine a blank room, not too large, where you have to squeeze the space well. Let’s decorate it little by little. Before we fill it with furniture, we need to paint…

Decorating your room with decorated walls is the first step

It is possible to decorate the walls in a variety of ways, avoiding the typical bland white that doesn’t say much. In small rooms, white gives the impression of spaciousness, but it can also be combined with more risky designs in some areas to create a special spot. Our proposal is to create a blackboard in a corner with acrylic paint, make geometric figures with colors and masking tape, or paint a wall with black polka dots. In the photo, there is a children’s room, but it doesn’t have to be so. Here are eight ideas you can use to paint the walls of a room in a variety of different ways if you want to see more.

As a result of Handfie

As a result of Handfie

Your Home and Garden via Larnie Nicolson.

Decorating a room with DIY headboards

We have already decorated the walls, now we have to start thinking about the bed. A headboard always dresses a room a lot, giving the bed the prominence it deserves and contributing to the decoration of the environment. There are plenty of ways to make cool headboards on the cheap, even with recycled materials. You can choose one item or another based on how much you want it. Which do you prefer: the image above, with its PRECIOUS headboard made out of wool in pastel tones, or the video below, with its headboard made from wood slats and varnished.

Designed by Treasures & Travels via Etsy

The bed can be decorated with personalized cushions

For some reason, the bed is one of the most important parts of any room. You need a good bed… nice cushions! Brit+Co has inspired us with this cool idea. You can make cool shapes or write messages on some basic white cushions you can find at any decoration store for not much money. You can make cool shapes or use fabric markers.

Brit+Co, via

Decorating a room with homemade nightstands

If you dare to work with wood, the floating nightstand idea they have in The Merry Thought is really quite cool. Next to the bed… a nightstand, of course. The floating nightstand has an extremely simple structure. It is only made of two rectangular pieces of wood, one of which has a slot where the mobile can be placed. Pretty and practical, don’t you think?

From: The Merry Thought

Even simpler, varnish a wooden box and screw some legs to it so you can move it wherever you want. Easier, harder.

Marie Nichols, via

A DIY lamp is an essential addition to any home

Having a good lamp on top of your bedside table doesn’t have to cost you much. Here are two ideas you can make with recycled materials. They created a tiny lamp with… a PVC pipe in the first. We created a table lamp from a crushed tomato can in the video below. It may seem like two materials that don’t fit well in a room, but with a little bit of work, they look quite nice…

By M. Bousquet/Le Grand Appartement/Pyramyd

Desks at an affordable price in the work zone

In the case that your room has a work area, you’ll need a desk. You don’t need to spend too much money on this either. With a wooden board and a few supports, you can create a desk where you can put your laptop and work comfortably. Easels or wooden boxes?

Refinery29 / Maria del Rio

Holly Bruce, via

A chest of drawers is a perfect piece of Ikea furniture to customize.

Ikea hack for the chest of drawers. The RAST chest of drawers is an absolute Ikea classic that costs only about 25 euros. It is beautiful even if it isn’t decorated, but to make it even more special, you can customize it and turn it into something really special. By using masking tape, we divided its front into geometric shapes and painted them with Liberon matte paint.

As a result of Handfie

Your room will look beautiful with this shelf

There’s no better place to store the furniture than a bookcase made of wood and leather! It’s a winning combination and you know it. Above, a model from Hubsch, a decoration store, but one you can also do at home. The leather straps below are replaced with belts!

According to Hubsch

According to Design Sponge

An attractive rug adds more decoration to the room.

Do you dare make your own rug from scratch? This marvel is made with a lot of pompoms, sewn on a mesh that serves as the rug’s base. A warm oasis for your feet.

A shelf made of pom poms

Let us know what you think of all these ideas in the comments, because sharing is living! We’ve demonstrated how to decorate a room without spending a lot of money.