How to get a perfect Christmas fireplace in 10 easy steps

We are getting closer to Christmas! Family parties, outings with friends… But the best thing is to start decorating the house. In case you have a fireplace, this post is for you, as we will give you 10 great Christmas fireplace decorating ideas. Are you ready to decorate your Christmas fireplace with Handfie? Let’s get started! 🥳 In case you want to make them yourself, here are 15 homemade Christmas decoration ideas 👌

Socks to be hung

A Christmas fireplace decoration that has been gaining popularity is hanging socks. It is typical of the American Christmas style that has crossed borders. It is about hanging socks on the fireplace shelf to receive gifts.

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A Christmas fireplace decorated with garlands

It is a rule that every fireplace at Christmas needs to have a garland. It is hung side to side on the embouchure, but can also be placed so that it falls through the ends. It will be beautiful, you can be sure. 😉💚, source

Would you rather have a fireplace or a Christmas tree?

In order to decorate your fireplaces for Christmas, we are going to use the traditional Christmas tree decorating ideas. Remember the garlands we made previously? Well, if we add Christmas balls, lights, and a number of other things, we will make a fireplace look like a Christmas tree. 🔝, source:

The Christmas forest

To achieve the result shown in the photograph below, you will need green garlands, artificial plants, pine cones, and everything you can think of to create a mini forest. Here are some reindeer that look awesome! 🦌

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The mirrors need to be added

Do you like this idea of placing mirrors on the mantelpiece, perhaps you already have some there, and adding Christmas touches, such as a gold frame, for your fireplace for Christmas? 🪞


The paper garland

Did you notice that there was a paper garland in the previous photograph? Well, it’s an easy way to decorate since you can do it yourself or buy it anywhere. Just hang it from one corner of the fireplace to another with a phrase you like a lot. They can also be shapes, such as snowflakes, or animals, like the reindeer in the second photo. 🦌

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The Christmas wreath

The traditional way to decorate the home with Christmas wreaths is to put them on the door, in the kitchen, etc. Do you like it as an idea for decorating your Christmas fireplace? Check out our tutorial on making a Christmas wreath from a recycled tire on Handfie if you want to make it yourself. Don’t worry, it’s not hard at all. 👌, source

Make your fireplace look festive with candles

Christmas garlands, crowns, socks… What can we add more? Well, perhaps some candles on the mantelpiece could add an original or romantic touch. 🕯️

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Lights for Christmas

The garlands of lights add a very Christmas-y touch. You can hang them from the ceiling and have them fall just before reaching the ledge. The garlands are used for the garden outside the house, to make the Christmas tree shine inside the house, and now also for lighting the fireplace. For Christmas, you’ll have the brightest fireplaces!

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Christmas fireplaces that look real but are fake

Have you got a fireplace at home? Well, with this decoration idea we’re going to make ornamental chimneys for Christmas. We can use cardboard to make a mini fireplace just like the one on the photo. By the way, we have a post on 30 crafts you can do with cardboard boxes if you’re looking for more ideas with cardboard. 😉, source

Is this a good idea to decorate your fireplaces during the holidays? Would you like to tell us which one you liked and which one you would make? If you want to decorate the Christmas house with recycled materials, check out our 10 ideas for decorating with these materials, they are very original. 🤩