How to install latticework for terraces

If you want to know the key to how to install latticework for terraces, don’t miss this tutorial! Place a lattice wall on your terrace in just three steps. You decorate it and give it that garden roll that your walls are missing.

1. Drill the holes to attach the lattice to the wall

To put the lattice, extend it and place it on the wall to calculate the extension. Measure and mark the places where you will make the holes. To do this, you can make it easier for yourself by using a tape measure and marking with a pencil or a marker on the wall where the holes in each corner of the lattice go to place it on the wall.

Drill holes in the wall. Before inserting the plugs, blow the holes in the wall to make sure that there is no dust inside and that the measurement is correct. If you don’t want to use your lungs, you can also use a blower.

Expand the lattice wall to see how far it covers.Measure the height of the lattice wall.Mark with a pencil the height of the lattice wall to make the holes.Mark the size of the plug on the bit to make holes with greater precision.Drill holes in the wall to put the plugs for the lattice wall.Blow to clean the hole and put the plugs to place the lattice wall.


2. Place the lattice on the wall

Insert the plugs into the wall with the help of a hammer, and change the screws of the flexible lattice to put the plugs and hang it on the wall. To change them, remove the original screw from the lattice, and insert a longer screw that is the one with which you are going to hold it on the wall. When you insert the screw, put the plug with which you are going to place it on the wall. When you have changed them, use a screwdriver to install the lattice on the wall.

Put the plugs with a hammer in the wall.Remove the original screw from the lattice wall.Change the screws in the corner of the lattice wall.Put the screws with the dowels for the lattice wall.Put the lattice wall on the terrace wall.


3. Decorate the trellis with vines

Now that you have the lattice installed on the wall, it’s time to decorate it! Give it a little life. You can use, as we have done, plants such as ivy and intertwine the branches of the plants with the lattice. In this way, in addition to having a nice decorated terrace, it will give it a very nice garden environment.

Place plants to decorate the lattice wall.Put plants to decorate the lattice wall of the terrace.

You already have expanded the garden of your terrace! How else can you decorate a lattice wall for the terrace? You can do it indoors too, and if you do, we’d love for you to share it with us!

How to place a lattice wall for the terrace.