How to make cuttings to reproduce your plants

In this case we are going to teach you how to take cuttings with one of our favorite plants, a poto! We love them for how resistant, easy to care for and beautiful they are. It is the perfect plant to replicate and put throughout the house.

How to take cuttings from a poto

The method that we are going to teach you does not work for all plants, but there are many for which it is a very good option:

  • Ivy
  • Monstera deliciosa (see this post about care and tips for Adam’s Rib , as it is also known)
  • Peperomias
  • Tape or Malamadre
  • string of hearts

In approximately 15 days, your cutting will already have taken enough root to be able to transfer it to a substrate or to leave it living in the water. Furthermore, this system is not invasive to the original plant, so it can continue to live and grow in its pot with ease.

1. Disinfect the scissors

Before starting work, disinfect the scissors with a cloth and a little 96 ethyl alcohol. This way, you will manage not to cause damage to the plant.

Disinfecting garden shears

2. Cut below a knot

The knots are very resistant parts of the stem and are where the plant cells responsible for producing new roots are located. The next step will be to identify the nodes in the branches to cut just below one of them.

Cutting of a poto to propagate it

3. Put the cuttings in water

Once you have cut the cutting, put it in water so that it can take root. We recommend that you use transparent jars so that you can easily see the evolution of your cutting. Important : change the water every week to oxygenate it. Also change it if you see that it becomes cloudy.

Place the cutting in a container with water

Choose the size of the container based on the needs of your cutting (how much space it needs, if it is long…) If you also choose a pretty jar, you can use it as a decoration while it takes root 😉

Before putting the cutting in the water, value without cutting the last leaf in case it gets in the way to introduce it into the container. If there is enough space, no problem!

Potho root in a small pot

4. Transfer the cuttings to the substrate

When the roots reach 2-3 cm (this is achieved in about 15 days), you can now transfer your cutting to the substrate. Consider its size and find a pot that suits it. Try not to make it too big so that the plant doesn’t lose too much energy trying to cover the whole earth and so it can continue to put out new leaves. It’s about trying to find a balance.

Transfer the cutting to the substrate

The ideal time to transplant your cutting would be the end of winter or the beginning of spring, when there are not very cold temperatures but the heat has not yet arrived at all.

Cutting transplanted to the substrate

What do you think? Very easy, right? Tell us in the comments which of your plants you are going to dare to take a cutting 🌱