How to paint the inside of your house with these tricks

Pintyplus Home spray paint is a great spray paint to use in your home since it does not smell, and it is very easy to apply and use.

Paint all kinds of furniture with this spray paint, including cabinets, windows, chairs, and tables.

Pintyplus Home spray paint can be used as follows:

  1. After hearing the internal balls chime, we shake for about 30 seconds.

  2. To achieve a perfectly smooth and even paint coverage on objects, we paint in cross layers by alternating between top to bottom and left to right.

  3. Once the boat has been painted, we will invert it and press until only gas comes out.

We will deposit the yellow container once the spray is empty. The spray should not be applied to electrical equipment.

Trending spray paint colors

In this spray, we have a wide range of colors that are popular in decoration.

It is important to first distinguish whether the object is large or small when applying spray paint to our home, since different techniques will be used. To avoid staining anything other than the box when using a small object, we recommend that you use a cardboard box and place the item inside it. To place under large objects, we recommend using rubber and plastic tablecloths.

When it comes to painting a piece of furniture with spray , it is advisable to paint on a base such as used cans, or if it is very heavy or large, wooden blocks, so that we are sure to paint the sides correctly. Conversely, if it is a smaller piece of furniture, we can rotate the base to reach all the points of the furniture.

Pintyplus recommends using plastic or newspaper as protective materials, but if you maintain a safe distance and direct the spray nozzle well, it shouldn’t cause any problems.

Pintyplus gives you the freedom to paint what you want!