How to put artificial grass on the balcony

Do you want to transform the appearance of your balcony without too much effort? Put some artificial grass with the help of a specific adhesive and completely transform it. It’s that easy to do.

1. Clean the floor of your balcony well

To begin with, prepare the surface of the balcony where you want to put the artificial grass well. To apply the specific adhesive that allows you to glue the grass, the floor of your balcony must be perfectly clean, without any type of dust or grease residue. The product to be used to clean the surface will depend on the material it is made of.

Balcony before installing artificial grassCleaning the balcony before installing artificial grass


2. Lay the artificial grass

Clean balcony? It is time then to cut the plants of sheets of artificial grass to adapt them to the available space. Our balcony, for example, had two columns, so we had to make several cuts in the grass. Although it may seem very complicated, it does not have much science: you can do it using a cutter.

Cut artificial grass to install it on a balconyInstallation of artificial grass on a balconyArtificial grass glued


3. Apply the adhesive: how to glue artificial grass

When you have the artificial grass cut to size, glue it on the floor of your balcony. To do so, use a specific adhesive for artificial grass, like the one we have used, from Ceys. This adhesive is valid for gluing artificial turf directly on the pavement or for gluing it using jointing bands, strips that are usually placed between parts of artificial turf when larger surfaces have to be covered or when you want to put it on the ground.

Apply the adhesive using an applicator gun, such as those used to apply silicone sealant. Cut the cannula, insert the cartridge into the gun and apply the product directly on the pavement. With the help of a spatula, spread the adhesive well and place the artificial grass on top, pressing down. Ready!

This adhesive for artificial grass from Ceys resists high temperatures, the sun’s rays and is applicable wet.

Ceys artificial grass adhesive cartridgeCeys artificial grass adhesiveApplication of adhesive for artificial grassAdhesive to glue artificial grassTrowel spreading the lawn adhesiveHow to glue artificial grass on tiles


Transformation done! As you can see, the process for gluing grass is not very complicated.