In a dressing room, avoid these colors

Dressing room colors to avoid

Are you lucky enough to have a dressing room to store your wardrobe, but don’t know how to arrange it? Here are the colors to stay away from in a dressing room, especially if it’s small.

Dressing room colors to avoid

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In summary:

  • A total white look

  • Greenery

  • The colors are too dark

  • Shades of flashy color

  • The XXL size

A total white look

In order to create an airy and serene dressing room, are you logically considering painting it entirely white? It’s important to know that the total white look is not necessarily the best idea if your dressing room does not look like that of Carrie Bradshaw’s in Sex and the City (understand: it is not 100 m2) .
Especially if you have opted for white furniture and cabinets or do not have natural light in your room, white can give your room a cold and austere appearance.

Bet on soft, delicate shades like pastels, taupes, linens, ice blues, pale pinks… which will make your room seem cozy and refined.   

Green is the color

If you’re lucky enough to have a good-sized walk-in closet in which to dress and put on makeup in the morning, green is one of the colors to avoid – including all shades of pale green. For example, water fir green, mint green, sage green or almond green. These colors are not meant to enhance you, but will instead make you look bad by projecting greenish-white reflections on your skin, which will make you look less than beautiful.

You should go for more pepsy greens with some yellow, like olive green, for example.  

Too dark colors 

In the past few years, dark colors have become increasingly popular in decoration, taking over all the rooms in the house with their joyous presence. However, even if you love anthracite gray, oxblood red, and midnight blue, keep in mind that you should not use these colors in a dressing room – particularly a small one! Dark colors reduce brightness in your room as well as visually shrinking it.


For example, if the ceiling of your dressing room is too high, you can use a dark color on the floor and the ceiling of the room to make it appear closer.  

Shades of bright color

Colors that are flashy give an interior a little pep and energy, but they aren’t recommended for dressing rooms. Although apple green and lemon yellow can be stimulating and invigorating, they will quickly tire your retinas, especially if the room is smaller than 10m2. They will also give the impression that the room is smaller than it actually is.


The best option is to use very bright colors sparingly, perhaps just on a wall or on some decorative elements such as curtains or a pouf?  

Prints in XXL 

Have you chosen a pretty panoramic wallpaper to decorate your dressing room walls, or a wallpaper with large patterns for the longest walls? You should be aware that this is a bad idea, unless you want to create the impression that your room is even more tiny!


Is large patterned wallpaper the right option in a slender room? Yes, but only on the narrowest walls, just to make the room appear wider.