In a living room, avoid these colors

Living room colors to avoid: turquoise blue, brown, chick yellow, orange, black!

If you want to change the look of your living room, you may have to repaint the walls! Before you start painting, check out these 16 colors you should not use!

The summary is as follows:

  • Yellow is a garish color

  • Blue electric

  • The color fuchsia

  • Red is a bright color

  • The color black

  • Blue turquoise

  • The brown color

  • The orange color

  • The color green is bright

  • The color purple.

  • Yellow Chick

  • Yellow and turquoise blue

  • Yellow and red

  • Navy blue and black

  • Colors associated with pastels

  • 16. White as a whole

Yellow is a garish color

To add color to your living room, ditch garish yellow and opt for mustard yellow instead. If you really like sparkling yellow, use it only on one wall and pair it with a warmer shade such as duck blue. The garish yellow can also be applied in small touches throughout your decor.

Blue electric

It can overenergize your room and make you feel suffocated. The best shade of blue for your living room is duck blue, petrol blue, or pastel blue.

The color fuchsia

Choosing fuchsia in your decor can make you feel overwhelmed when you’re lounging around your room! A pink living room will look cozy and warm if you choose a light or pastel pink. Pair your pink with parma, mint, sky blue or mouse gray. Here is a canon decoration that will make you feel fulfilled!

Red is a bright color

When it comes to red living room walls, pick a warm, homey shade like burgundy, plum, or carmine instead!

Black is the color of choice

The kitchen or bathroom is elegant. The living room is dull… Choose dark grey, anthracite, or grey-blue instead.

Blue turquoise

Turquoise blue is too cold. Choose a pastel blue or a more intense shade for your living room.

The brown color

In the living room, brown is a beautiful color, but it lacks the brightness to dominate the room. Instead, add brown in its natural form with leather or wood.

The orange color

For the kitchen or bathroom, you can choose orange, but for the living room, choose terracotta instead, a softer and warmer color that is similar to orange.

The color green is bright

The reason you should not have it in its brightest shade in your living room is not because it represents nature. No to bright green, yes to fir green, green-grey, or chlorophyll green, much kinder on the eyes…

The color purple.

The shades of purple that go best with the living room decor are lilac, lavender, or parma. Avoid bright colors!

Yellow Chick

Why not paint one of your living room walls yellow? But beware, not chick yellow, but yellow-orange, a much warmer hue.

Yellow and turquoise blue

Considering turquoise blue and yellow in the living room as the perfect combination of colors? Think again!

Yellow and red

Combining them in the living room decoration may give you headaches since they are both vibrant and intense colors.


The black and navy blue combination is 14.

Unless you don’t mind paying a lot for electricity, avoid mixing black and navy blue in your living room decor. Too much lighting will optically compensate for this association of colors…

The pastel colors are associated with one another

Make sure you choose a pastel color associated with a more timeless shade like off-white or charcoal gray.

16. White as a whole

In order to avoid the “hospital” atmosphere, don’t overdo it with the white in your living room. No problem if your walls are white. However, pair them with natural or colored decor!