In a small space, set up a baby corner

It is a happy event, but you do not have any space in your home to dedicate to this new baby. Don’t panic ! You can still create a corner dedicated to your child with a little creativity and well thought out furniture. Here are some ideas for welcoming newborns in a space that is limited.

Create a baby corner in a small space

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Diana Rodriguez is the author

The release date is July 17, 2016

In summary:

  • Make your parts work for you by taking advantage of their shape

  • Spaces should be rearranged

  • The relationship between brothers and sisters

  • Make a room within a room

  • Make use of cramped spaces

  • Space that is well-defined

  • Space for babies can be condensed

  • Walls should be invested

  • Style that is distinct

  • Don’t miss out on the decoration!

Make your parts work for you by taking advantage of their shape

There is no problem installing a baby room in another room. You can do this by maximizing the space in your house or apartment by taking advantage of the nooks and crannies, as in this bedroom, in which the wall surface is completely utilized to install a baby room.

Rearranging the spaces is necessary

Install your baby’s furniture in the recess of your walk-in closet to conserve circulation space while delimiting a real space for your child.

Sibling relationships

If you don’t have the space to provide a separate bedroom for your children, you will find baby furniture that matches the furniture of your slightly larger child, so they can share a room.

Make a room within a room

You can create a special room for your baby in your bedroom or even in your living room with Japanese panels or simple curtains.

Make use of cramped spaces

It can be difficult to make the most of your interior, especially if it has special features. It is still possible to install the cot to create a cozy corner if you have a space under the slope where it is more difficult to slide furniture or move around.

Defining a space clearly

Don’t be afraid to separate the baby’s room from the rest of the activities if he is installed in a room other than his dedicated bedroom. For example, you can install a canopy to give him a reassuring and intimate corner.

Space for babies can be condensed

When space is limited, consider condensing the bed, changing area, and storage in order to gain space while providing a very practical baby corner.

Walls should be invested

There are furniture that is designed for small spaces that will allow you to invest the wall with a foldable shelving system for the changing table when you are short on space. All the tricks are good to have when you don’t have much space. A small bedroom or even a bathroom can serve as a changing room for you.

Styles that are distinct

You can use pretty curtains as a retractable partition and a screen as the decorative touch to maximize your space while minimizing your square footage.

Decorations are a sure bet!

A baby’s room that is very small needs to be decorated well to make you forget about its small size. See the proof in pictures with warm colors and stripes!

Furniture and accessories that are essential

When you lack space at home to create a place reserved for babies, you only equip yourself with the bare necessities: a cradle, a chest of drawers for storage and a few decorative accessories that are not space-consuming, such as a painting, stickers or a bed sheet. It is important to remove trinkets and superfluous items from the premises in order to optimize space.

Curtains define spaces

When newborns don’t have a dedicated room, we can always arrange a space for them in another room in the house, provided that the room is relatively quiet and that the space is separated. The good idea? Create a partition using a curtain to house baby in a more intimate corner without distorting the interior.

Storage can be found in wall recesses and nooks

Using clever storage can help you save space in your baby’s room as well. You can install a few boxes or shelves in a wall recess or corner if you have one. In this way, the space for the children is maximized so that it appears larger and more comfortable.

In the parents’ room, there is a space for the baby

If you have a small apartment, you might want to consider creating a baby’s room in your own! A cradle hidden behind curtains, and voila!

An all-in-one bed

The wooden bed makes it easy to change your baby, keep his clothes close at hand, and store his toys. With it, you can do multiple things at once and in a small space.

Beds with multiple functions

Changing your baby, putting away his toys, his clothes, and putting him to bed all with one piece of furniture is now possible. This multifunctional cot takes up very little space thanks to its multiple colored drawers and shelves. Good news for small spaces.

Your baby should sleep next to you

Keeping baby confined to an apartment without enough space is a challenge. In this room, the parental bed is arranged so that it can be reached directly from the door, so that it does not disturb baby’s sleep when coming and going. A storage unit acts as a partition, so everyone has a space to themselves!

A baby’s bed grows with him or her

A little bed with bars made up of three storage drawers can fit anywhere according to the parents’ wishes. In a sober color, it will fit in a living room or in the parents’ room.

Keep your baby out of the corner

The era of the heavy and unwieldy cot is over. With this light furniture, you can move the bed and changing table to suit the space of the room.

Wagon-shaped bed

There is nothing more charming than this crib with a box spring in shape of a little wagon. Its small size gives it a retro charm inspired by the 50s, and allows it to slide easily into a few square meters. Adjustable to three heights, it will be perfect for a baby up to 3 years of age.

Don’t sleep in the same bed as the baby

Thanks to a hook system that attaches to the parents’ bed, this little bed allows you to spend more peaceful nights with baby in the first weeks.

From baby to child, the same bed

Malte cots have an integrated changing table and a three-drawer dresser, which makes them especially suitable for small spaces. It comes in two-tone taupe and white and will work for both boys and girls.

The concept of a stunning bed

By turning over this cradle-seat, you can easily turn it into a baby bed. It grows with your baby from birth until you are seven years old. Cheer! Here’s how to switch from a cradle to a cot:

Practicality and decoration go hand in hand

With warm and mixed colors, we give style to the baby’s corner. This gray bed will work in either the parents’ bedroom or a cozy little room for baby.