Is it a good idea to sleep with my pet?

Do you want to sleep with your pet, or are you already used to it, and wondering if it’s a good idea to do so? Here are pros and cons of sleeping with your pet.

Do you think it’s a good or bad idea to sleep with your pet?

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In summary:

  • Isn’t it nice to sleep with your pet?

  • Is there a benefit to sleeping with your pet?

  • The best way to sleep with your pet

Isn’t it nice to sleep with your pet?

Whether you have a dog or a cat , you may want to let your little companion share your bed with you. The first downside of this idea is all the dirt your pet can bring into your bed, which is not as good as it may appear at first glance. Our four-legged friends carry with them a lot of elements that can dirty your bed and be harmful to your health, especially if you suffer from allergies. The same is true for any pests such as fleas or worms that pets can also transmit to humans. Despite treating your dog or cat regularly to avoid these inconveniences, you should always be vigilant. As well as these sanitary and hygienic reasons, there are also comforting reasons. Pets, just like humans, move around a lot at night. In addition to nocturnal toilets and frequent changes in place and position, your cat or dog will have a restless night that will disrupt your sleep. Nevertheless, sleeping poorly for a number of nights in a row can be harmful to your health. Finally, sleeping with you will give your pet a status it shouldn’t have, especially if it is dominant. It is especially detrimental for a dominant dog whose aspect can then be amplified. It is better to train him to sleep in his basket, preferably outside the bedroom.

Pets: why should you sleep with them?

There are many disadvantages to sleeping with your pet, as we have just seen. There are, however, some benefits to this habit as well. One of the reasons is that the mere presence of a pet is able to soothe some people, especially those who are stressed or anxious. Our heart rate can be calmed and stress reduced simply by stroking the fur of a dog or cat or by hearing the purring of a small feline. Some owners have also been observed to be able to fall asleep more quickly or have better nights and fewer nightmares by sleeping with their cat or dog. The true companions of their owners, pets end up taking a much more important role in their lives, so they cannot imagine not letting their little ball of hair share their diaper with them. 

Here are some tips for sleeping with your pet

Sleeping with your pet has advantages and disadvantages, as you will have understood. If these aren’t enough to convince you, here are some tips you can use to sleep peacefully with your four-legged friend. It is extremely important to make sure your dog or cat is regularly dewormed, to treat them against fleas, and to ensure they have the appropriate vaccinations. In addition, do not allow a toddler to sleep with an animal since it increases the risk of suffocation and scratches. Additionally, make sure your pet’s paws are clean before he climbs into your bed, and follow your own desires, so if you feel like it, sleep with your pet!