Living room essentials for a cozy atmosphere

In the living room, comfort has become as fundamental as the design and practicality of the furniture. As evidenced by the enthusiasm for houses with a cocooning spirit. It’s a good thing, since after a long day at work or in the middle of winter, we can’t ask for anything better than relaxing and warming up as much as we can in a cozy living room. If you want a cozy living room, make sure you pick the right furniture! In addition to the sofa, there are other pieces/objects that can enhance comfort in a living room. Here are 10 of them.

It’s time to curl up on the couch

A sofa is the very essence of a living room… Without it, the living room would not exist… But not every model of sofa contributes to creating a cozy living room. In terms of materials, thick fabrics are popular! The seat should be as generous as possible, inviting relaxation and laziness. The plaid and cozy cushions make it the centerpiece of a living room at the height of cocooning.

Blanket made of wool

There isn’t a single sofa in a decorating magazine without a very cozy and soft throw to snuggle into. To be adopted urgently!

The light is dim

Lighting determines the atmosphere of any room… and even more so in a cozy living room! We ban light sources with excessive white light or, on the contrary, light sources which are too dark and depressing. The good idea lies in the mix of light sources that can be turned on and off as desired depending on the needs and the desired atmosphere. Ceiling suspensions, table lamps, candles on the windowsills, and floor lamps next to the sofa or armchair alternate with suspensions from the ceiling…

4/ A rug that is very soft

No cozy living room without carpet! Besides bringing warmth and comfort to the living room, carpet can also be used to structure the space… all the benefits! It doesn’t matter what style of rug you choose for your cozy living room, whether it’s a kilim rug, thick rug, graphic rug, or colorful rug, we just make sure it matches the room’s primary style.

Nesting tables made of wood

Coffee tables must be spacious enough to hold mugs, TV trays, magazines, and more when you’re sitting on the sofa. Scandinavians understand this well with their nesting coffee tables ! More than functional, they are also practical since they can be infinitely modular. Ideally, they are made of wood, the hallmark of warm interiors…

A rocking chair is number six

There’s nothing quite like rocking chairs for ultimate relaxation… Wear them in your cozy living room, whatever your style! If you prefer vintage in rattan or more modern in wood and fabric, we add fleece cushions and sheepskin to make it even more comfortable.

Decorative accessories for a cozy atmosphere

To make a cozy living room, we use mugs, TV trays, and designer tea sets to display on the coffee table along with plaids and candles.

Cushions made from velvet

The cushions are indispensable in a living room, and even more so in a cozy living room. They are dressed in velvet to make the room appear more stylish, and ideally they are chosen in a warm color.

9/ Curtains that are thick

Curtains are an essential part of the cozy living room. They add elegance and reinforce the sense of intimacy. If you want to turn your living room into a real cocoon, use very thick and opaque curtains.

Storage baskets made of rattan

Cozy living rooms are rooms where you feel good… and that’s through storage! Nothing should be messy, everything should be neat and organized so as not to disturb the eye or get in the way. So, to blend in with the overall decoration of the living room, we use storage baskets made of rattan, in natural or neutral colors.