My teenager needs a dressing room at a low price

Dressing room tips at an affordable price

A new dressing room may be the perfect gift for your teenager as shopping missions become more serious during adolescence and wardrobe cleaning becomes a priority in the spring. In order to create a spacious and functional dressing room at a low cost, here are some ideas.

For my teenager, I need a low-cost dressing room

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The summary is as follows:

  • Mount shelves on the wall

  • A canvas wardrobe is a good investment

  • Wooden crates are a good choice

  • The clothes rack should be installed

  • Make sure you have a wooden ladder

  • Invest in a new wardrobe

Shelf mounts on the wall

You can first swap your teenager’s wardrobe for a few wall shelves that will be mounted one above the other, one above the other, on a wall. Depending on how much space you have on the wall, you can hang them perfectly aligned or slightly offset. To replace a traditional cupboard door, simply hang a rod and a pretty curtain from the ceiling. They’ll be able to accommodate baskets of socks, jeans, and neatly folded T-shirts.

A canvas wardrobe is a good investment

As they are very affordable, canvas wardrobes are also a good choice. On wheels, they are easy to move : a plus when you like to change the layout of your room. With this type of wardrobe, your teenager will be able to store their clothes easily, as it usually includes both a wardrobe and shelves. Your teenager can choose from a wide variety of canvas wardrobe models, based on their tastes and the style of their bedroom.

Choose wooden crates instead

You can make your teenager a tailor-made and extremely inexpensive dressing room with simple wooden crates, which may seem surprising at first. It only takes a few wooden crates, or recycling shelves you already have, and a can or two of paint to do this. This will let your teenager choose the color or colors he wishes to paint the crates with. If he wishes, he can also keep them natural, if he wishes. After your teenager has customized the crates according to his or her wishes, the next phase is setting them up. A strict alignment or a more fanciful layout is possible here as well. Some crates can be placed vertically, while others can be placed horizontally. Some crates can even be placed on the ground so shoes can be accommodated.

The clothes rack should be installed

The clothes rack solution is also a great option for creating a modern and organized dressing room for your teenager. With its wheels, this type of storage has several advantages: it is compact, easy to assemble, and portable. Getting ready will be faster for your teenager if he is able to see all his clothes at once. He can also move the clothes rack as he pleases if he feels the need to rearrange his room. With a shelf next to the rack, he will have a wardrobe and shelves on which to store his folded clothes. This type of open furniture is not expensive, looks modern, and visually expands the room.

A wooden ladder is a good investment

Is your teenager a fan of scarves and headscarves? Often they end up being thrown in a corner of a cupboard or piled up on a chair because it is difficult to find a place to store all these accessories. You can also install a wooden ladder in your teenager’s room. He can paint it whatever color he likes, so it is both practical and decorative. He can then choose a single color for the entire ladder or prefer to paint each rung in a different color, without forgetting the option of a two-toned look. You will only have to tie the ladder to the different bars after your teenager has painted it if he wishes. 

Invest in a new wardrobe

If you could turn your teenager’s wardrobe into a trendy dressing room using the wardrobe already present in the bedroom, you would only have to spend a little paint, stickers, and curtains. In order to carry out this transformation, you will actually need to remove the cabinet doors. The dressing room contents can then be hidden by curtains or left open. As for the rest of the furniture, you can, according to your teenager’s wishes, repaint it, or personalize it with stencils or stickers . You can also cover the shelves with adhesive vinyl to obtain trendy and easy to clean shelves. All your teenager needs to do is store their clothes once all the furniture has been redecorated.