Summer Flowering Plants That Hardy Full Sun

Urbanites, summer has arrived! The heat begins to tighten and these are days to tackle the wardrobe change of every year, the change of the duvet for the thin quilt, or to rescue the fan from the storage room. Of course, our balconies also need an adaptation to the summer. Possibly the spring flowers have already withered and that sunny balcony is crying out for new reinforcements. So that you can enjoy the summer to the fullest on your urban balcony or terrace, I propose 10 summer plants with flowers that resist the sun and heat well.

Guide on summer plants that resist sun: Gardening Urbanita Handfie

Direct sun and the highest temperature of the year are determining factors for choosing the plants that will occupy your balcony or terrace in summer. For many plants, full sun means the end of them, or at least the end of their flowers until next year. But as it happens to us people, there are outdoor plants whose favorite season of the year is summer . We are going to dedicate ourselves to these in this new urban gardening guide.

Summer plants with flowers that resist direct sun

The second thing to keep in mind for plants that like the sun is that it does not mean that they do not need watering. To give you an idea, for a plant to have flowers in summer means that it is a time when it is fully active. For this reason, in general, summer plants need regular and generous watering to keep them in top shape, flowers included.

You will be thinking, and then what do I do when I go on vacation? Well don’t worry; You will only have to organize yourself and choose one of the methods that currently exist to water the plants on vacationm .

Systems for watering summer plants on vacation

As a summary, to the traditional although updated drip irrigation systems, alternatives such as irrigation gel have emerged. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages and above all, they adapt to the different needs you have. For this reason, I highly recommend that you read the article that I have left you in the link and ask your questions.

In addition, when watering the plants in summer, you must comply with 2 very simple rules.

  1. DO NOT water the leaves or flowers. The water will have a magnifying glass effect in the sun’s rays and will cause burns to the flowers and leaves. Also, keep in mind that the plants are fed through the substrate, so irrigation, to the substrate.
  2. DO NOT flood the dishes on which the pots or planters are placed. The stagnant and warm water is a perfect ecosystem for nesting mosquitoes on your balcony. So avoid flooding.
Do not water leaves or flowers directly

Now that we are clear about the advice to take care of our summer plants, here are my recommendations. Of course, we welcome more suggestions. You can leave them in the comments and we will add them to the article.

Geranium. A basic for the terrace, very resistant.

Geraniums are one of the most identifiable plants on terraces and balconies in southern Spain. This shows that, if they can withstand the sunniest areas, they can withstand our urban terrace. You can combine planters with geraniums of different colors or, if you are more minimalist, use geraniums of the same color. They are very grateful plants and flowers. In general, in summer it will be enough to water them 2 or 3 times a week , but keep an eye on the hottest days in case they need daily watering.

Geraniums are very resistant to the sun and the heat of summer.

Lavender. A characteristic smell.

Lavender is another of the most resistant flowering plants for the whole year. In summer they bloom and both their purple color and their pleasant aroma should not be missing on any terrace. Surely you have ever stopped on the road to observe a lavender field, it is spectacular. Although urbanites cannot aspire to a whole field of lavender, I recommend lavender for your terrace. Recommended watering is around 3 times per week.

lavender in summer


Dahlia. The most spectacular flower of summer?

Dahlias are known as one of the prettiest flowers of summer. They are more delicate than geraniums, but abundant watering and protecting them from very windy areas may be enough to keep them as beautiful as in the photo. On the hottest days, they will surely need daily watering. They can grow in pots without a problem and they come in many colors.

Dahlias have very pretty flowers that resist the sun

bougainvillea. Climbers that need a lot of sun.

Another of the most summery flowering plants are bougainvilleas. They are identifiable on the walls or facades of some buildings, because they are a type of climbing plants . They like the sun more than lizards. As in the case of lavender and geraniums, its recommended watering is 2 or 3 times a week. Being climbers, it is important that you tutor them if you want them to grow upwards.

Bougainvilleas, they climb in summer

Petunias. Summer flowers.

Typical flower that can’t stand the winter frosts and is like a fish in water with the summer sun: petunias. It is a very characteristic plant because its bell-shaped flowers flood the pots, standing out against the green of the plant. They are also in different colors. In summer they require daily watering and in this case, it is especially important not to water the flowers because they are delicate and the sun would burn them.

Petunias can handle the summer sun.

Gazanias. Very hardy South African flowers.

Another of the most resistant flowering plants of summer are the gazanias. They come from South Africa and are really resistant. Even in summer they require moderate watering and it will be enough to water it a couple of times a week. Check that the earth is moist and you will keep them beautiful. As a curiosity, they are considered weeds as they generate a lot of green around them and tend to take over the soil. To prevent them from flooding the window box, you can trim back the green from time to time to make the flowers stand out.

Gazanias are considered weeds and have beautiful flowers.


Million Bells or surfinias. A variety of petunias.

With slightly smaller flowers, these types of petunias, known as surfinias or million bells , are even hardier than petunias and their flowers can hold out until the first frost. To add strength to healthy flowers, cut off faded flowers as they dry out or turn ugly. As with petunias, be careful not to water the flowers directly.

Surfinias are a variety of summer-flowering petunias


Tagetes or African carnations

Another of the summer flowers or, rather, ones that can withstand the heat well are the tagetes. They are generally orange in color and are of African origin. They endure the sun -although be careful, if they are in semi-shade they will still be happier- and require two or three waterings per week .


plumbago. An African bush.

Like other plants that are most resistant to direct sun, the plumbago has African origin. Therefore, this shrub does not mind sunbathing. However, it needs abundant watering in summer , every other day.

plumbagos, shrubs with lilac flowers


Portulaca. As hardy as succulents, they want plenty of sun.

Our final pick for this guide on plants that can handle full sun are portulacas, also known as silk flowers. Believe it or not, it is a plant from the succulent family. Possibly, the succulent that gives the most spectacular flowers is of tropical origin. This plant with such an original name -portulaca-, is not that it likes the sun but that it does not want anything else. In the shade, its flowers close . Like all other succulents, heavy watering will rot them and they want sandy soil. In summer, to hold the flowers, you must water it from time to time, but a priori, it will be enough to do it once a week.

Portulacas, the succulent with the most showy flowers


What is your experience with plants in summer? Can you keep the flowers? If you want to tell us about your experiences, suggest a plant that is not on the list or have any questions, leave us a comment!