The 10 best decorations for an engagement party in the garden

Check out these trendy engagement party ideas for the outdoors

Engagement parties are an opportunity to celebrate the big news with loved ones between the marriage proposal and the wedding. How romantic would that be? Host an engagement party in your garden, surrounded by a bucolic setting you will never forget!

10 ideas for decorating an engagement party in the garden

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Audrey C. is the author.

May 9, 2022 is the release date

In summary:

  • An outdoor engagement party with a chic vibe

  • Luminous engagement in the atmosphere of a thousand-and-one-nights

  • In the garden, a classic engagement party

  • An outdoor engagement party with 100{8911b186dc8eb68cf7477c00c897a45e728d69107c116b7a555a42ac961b72cc} bohemian decor

  • A truly hygge engagement party in the outdoors

  • Garden engagement party with a Berber atmosphere

  • Engagement party by the pool

  • An engagement party with a recovery spirit

  • 9. A minimalist engagement party with a serious puff

  • An outdoor engagement party with tropical decor

An outdoor engagement party with a chic vibe

For an outdoor engagement party, the country vibe is a favorite. With a hint of baroque and a hint of bohemian, imagine lunch on the grass of the Impressionists: blankets on the grass, cushions on the blankets, coffee tables or trays with dried flower bouquets in the middle… and lights hung in the trees to illuminate the scene at night. Retro cushions and candlesticks on the branches are another great way to add a touch of vintage.

Luminous engagement in the atmosphere of a thousand-and-one-nights

Taking advantage of the darkness, we create an unforgettable luminous decor for the party at night. Use light garlands on the pergola that shelters the dining table, which is decorated with candles and other light decorations. A removable barnum-type structure is decorated with a lot of garlands and suspensions in the XXL version. A white and gold decor multiplies reflections to sublimate everything.

In the garden, a classic engagement party

Would it be better if we put the opulence of a bourgeois family home outside? To give a bohemian touch to a classic decor, add it to the garden. Under a white tent hung to avoid bad weather, but above all to gain in magic, a majestic floral composition is enthroned under a chandelier with tassels and on a lace tablecloth under a chandelier adorned with tassels. The sofas are refined, the chairs matching medallions, and the tables are covered in white. With white, beige, and cream accents punctuated by greenery!

An outdoor engagement party with 100{8911b186dc8eb68cf7477c00c897a45e728d69107c116b7a555a42ac961b72cc} bohemian decor

Bohemian themed engagement parties are perfect for newlyweds who want a romantic and quirky garden party. How does it work? In the living room, we mix and match colors, materials, vintage elements, and ethnic objects: mum’s padded sofa, stepfather’s office chairs, Persian rugs, Moroccan poufs, rattan garden furniture, and carved wooden tables. With a string of lanterns and photophores, flowers and garlands on the tables, it’s done.

5. An outdoor engagement party that’s truly hygge

There is no doubt that the Scandinavian way of life can work for an outdoor engagement party. The base? Natural materials, lights, a few design notes, and a perfect balance between cosiness and refinement. Ingredients? Wooden table and retro rattan chairs, graphic napkins as placemats in front of textured glasses, faux fur on the chairs, dried flower bouquets as table runners… All this under a river of light thanks to fairy lights covering an arched structure.

In the garden, a Berber atmosphere is perfect for an engagement party

A Berber theme for an engagement party is a great way to pay tribute to a culture or to escape. A tent covered with festoons and pompoms is the first step. The floor is then covered with superimposed carpets, while oriental lanterns of all sizes hang from the ceiling. A beautiful coffee table, a string of cushions directly on the floor, and a palette of warm colors, more or less soft, depending on the taste of the bride and groom, are all that remains.

An engagement party by the pool

For those with a garden with a swimming pool, neither one nor two, the engagement party is set up all around. A large table on the widest edge, so that you do not end up covered in the pool (at least not before dessert), high tables a little further away to have an aperitif standing up, that’s it. On the decorative side, we stay as natural as possible and we don’t hesitate to match the colors to the coating of the swimming pool. Could you think of an idea? Rose petals are sown on the surface of the pool, or lanterns are placed there for evening lighting.

An engagement party with a recovery spirit

If you want an eco-responsible wedding, it is not necessary to rent furniture, and even less to buy (too much). Low tables made of pallets, tablecloths made of recycled newspaper, poufs in crates and bouquets of flowers from the garden, mismatched crockery, and cloth napkins are the secret. What’s better than that? We collect materials from guests, arrange the menu in advance to avoid surpluses, and give everyone a doggy bag after the party so they don’t throw away leftovers.

9. An engagement party with a serious puffy minimalist vibe

An all-white, glass and silver table setting, clean-looking wooden chairs and clean lines, this is how to create a minimalist and contemporary decor for a garden engagement party. The magic is all in the light, with helium-filled balloons tied to each chair with a white ribbon and clusters of LED candles placed at regular intervals on the tables. If you have a table plan, write the names of the guests on the balloons in marker. It is simple, cheap and magical, day or night.

An outdoor engagement party with tropical decor

Our secret lies in the floral decoration and its bright colors, so we are looking for a good florist who can ensure that Tahiti is invited into the garden. The dining table is installed just below the arch for those lucky enough to have one or able to rent one, so that tropical flowers can be added to the top. The effect is magical with suspended lights: green, wood, and white are enough for the rest.