The 5 most important design details

Taking a holistic approach to elevating a space is a necessity. It’s easy to tweak big-ticket items, like furniture, to change a room’s vibe, but the small details, like wall mirrors, painted cabinetry, or hidden storage, are just as important. It’s the same for your car, too. It’s easy to appreciate the elegance of the 2023 INFINITI QX60 Crossover SUV with its quilted leather-appointed seating, a moonroof, and a Smart RearView Mirror. The vehicle’s design has some standout features that may seem small at first glance but can make a big impression. Here are some tips on how they can inspire your cohesive home décor.

1.A mirror, a mirror

One design trick to make a room appear bigger and brighter is to place a mirror in the middle of the room. Putting a large floor mirror or hanging mirror at eye level instantly gives the impression of a bigger room. Whenever it’s placed directly across from a window or light fixture, the light bounces around the room, creating a brightening effect. A wider view improves visibility in the INFINITI QX60’s Smart RearView Mirror. Its genius lies in its technology-savvy design, which houses a tiny camera behind the rear lift gate clasp in the structure of the traditional mirror. It has a switch to activate and can be used in place of the conventional mirror, giving you a clear view behind you. The adjustable screen can even be used at night to reduce glare.


Infiniti’s 2023 QX60’s leather-appointed interior features crosshatched stitching and contrast stitching.

The Infiniti

Like great tailoring, detailed stitching on furniture and fabrics adds purpose. A tufted finish, piped edges, or nail head trim on a sofa shows intention in design. With its leather-appointed seating, the INFINITI QX60 echoes a sense of bespoke craftsmanship. For a feeling of surrounded luxury, the diamond quilted pattern is accented by crosshatch stitches and piping lining along the edges. It extends over the dashboard.

3. The window of opportunity

The skylight is more than just a window; it opens a space up to nature in an inspiring way. When placed strategically, the INFINITI QX60’s sunroof serves as a vessel for light to flood in (particularly if your home faces north), adds architectural interest, and can even reduce energy use. The panoramic moonroof has a power lift, tilt, and sunshade that extends to the second row. Drives are more epic both during the day and at night when there is a direct connection with nature.

4.A genius’ stroke

Infiniti is a brand

A light shade of paint can brighten a dark room; a dark shade can create a cozy feel; and a contrasting color can highlight architectural details like millwork, molding, and other details. The paint of your kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen look shiny and new. It has the power to bring together several elements. Just as important as its interior, the paint of the INFINITI QX60’s exterior can make a huge difference to its overall appearance. First INFINITI to offer a two-tone design, it features an all-black roof and contrasted front, wheel, and outer trim.

5.Availability of storage

By clearing clutter, a room appears more spacious and serene, and corralling things out of sight makes a room look more spacious. By investing in a cabinet with closed-door shelving or outfitting underserved areas—below the bed or above the closet—streamlining can refresh a space in an instant. As with your home, your car can be a magnet for chaos. There’s nothing as sane as hidden storage, such as the INFINITI QX60’s Console Net, which secures purses, phones, and tablets. With clever compartments like the console box between the seats and underfloor storage in the cargo area, the interior isn’t cluttered.