The 5 trendiest and cheapest bathroom accessories

You can embellish your pond with these beautiful and useful elements!

It is not an easy task to renovate your bathroom, and it is often the one that we do not venture too far with, budget-wise. It must be said that between the change of bathtubs, showers, sinks or toilets and the installation of wall ceramics in our water features, this type of work can be very expensive very quickly… If you do not have the necessary finances to carry out of this type of renovation, then we have a perfect alternative for you. These objects will help you transform your bathroom at an affordable price with trendy elements at a lower cost!

Here are 5 trendy and inexpensive bathroom accessories

In summary:

  • Warm, humid environments are ideal for plants

  • In order to transform the atmosphere, candles will be used

  • Towels and linens are hung on a ladder

  • In order to integrate the towels into the decor, they are arranged in an aesthetic way

Plants that prefer a warm, humid environment are installed by us

It is impossible to change the atmosphere of your bathroom without adding a few green plants here and there to give it a “natural” touch. It is true, but you must choose carefully, because the atmosphere of a water feature differs from that of the rest of the house, so you need to choose plants that are suited to it. We suggest that, as temperatures will fluctuate along with heat and humidity peaks, you choose:

  • The Pilea Peperomioides

  • The Strelitzia

  • Chamaedorrea

  • A Glaonema

  • The Calathea

  • The Scindapsus Pictus

  • It’s a Maranta

  • The Fittonian

On the work surface, place small trinkets

The appearance of a room can be completely altered by changing a few simple elements, as you certainly know. As a result, we recommend that you purchase a matching set that includes a soap dispenser, a soap holder, a candle holder, a pot for a small cactus-type plant, and a cream container.

You will have already added a more special touch to the room by putting this beautiful set on the sink counter.

The atmosphere will be transformed by candles

Lighting, especially candlelight, is another element that can drastically change a room.

You can also light them up while taking a bath or shower to make a relaxing experience even more enjoyable.

A ladder is integrated to hang linens and towels

To hang towels, bathrobes or clothes, you can certainly use a towel rack or support to add to the back of the door, but the trendiest thing at the moment is to buy a rustic or modern ladder (depending on the style of your bathroom). Hence, you can store spare things there or dry wet clothes.

In order to integrate the towels into the decor, they are arranged in an aesthetic way

Getting back to towels, they usually occupy a huge spot in our bathrooms. Is your closet too crowded to store things? Remove the towel rack from the bathroom and arrange the towels in an attractive manner.

Find out how you can naturally integrate your linens into the decoration by learning various folding techniques!