The bathroom in 2023: trends in decoration and layout

What are the decoration and design trends in the world of the bathroom in 2023? Having evolved from being a place of hygiene to becoming a place of wellness, the bathroom now serves as a benefactor and a place dedicated to self-care. It’s a place of protective disconnection par excellence as well, connected to the introduction of technological products a few years ago (towel warmers that diffuse sound and odors, connected mirrors that provide weather forecasts, etc.). There is a great deal of emphasis on ecological awareness there and trends are certainly influenced by it. In the bathroom of today, one faucet can function as a rain jet to provide moments of lightness and escape. Find out what design and decoration trends are coming up in 2023 for the bathroom.

Styles and colors are based on current societal trends. Thus, today’s great need for grounding and comfort translates into natural, pastel, and earthy tones, curved lines of great softness, raw wood, and artisanal work.” As environmental awareness grows, so does the desire for more sustainable interior design. ” The most striking innovations are environmental, while two years ago, the focus was on finer, full-body ceramics.” Decoration and accessorizing are organic. Nature, artisanal, nude, ecological and sustainable: these are the keywords for this year.

Regardless of the room’s size, it is designed with less bulky, well-thought-out and tidy furniture, so circulation and movement are fluid, so bathing is only a pleasant experience: large shower and extra-large shower tray. You can get ahead of the trends of the next few years by using built-in taps to stand out from the crowd!

The bathroom trend of 2023: connected… to nature

The nature and escape style is heightened. Plants, organic forms, natural materials are multiplying in this intimate bathroom. Wood, one of the finest classics of interior design due to its warmth, is the mainstay of this intimate space. In its raw, massive, dark (walnut essence, for example), almost cabinet-making design, it represents a return to the essentials. The shapes are less regular, and the design is more realistic and accidental, so it feels very comfortable. In addition, on the ground there are more raw floors and parquet floors with more pronounced veinings. According to Thomas Menard, Envie de Salle de Bain, the material has returned to its essential and primary state. The smooth Scandinavian-style wood and white are almost obsolete, so it is time to emphasize contrasts, like With l’

Defending the frontline

In addition, the bathroom of 2023 is functional and minimalist, with minimal integration of technology and a focus on connecting with nature as its sole purpose. In this case, for instance, mirrors can adjust the color of light according to the time of day, based on the circadian cycle.

This sort of design can have a rather futuristic style, but without being overtly ostentatious. It is often referred to as ‘modern design’ or ‘simplicity’. It is characterized by taut lines, concrete, black tinted glass, and rather taut lines.

The XL worktop and a single basin will be the big trends of 2023: raw yet warm.

The Scavolinis

Ecodesign, sustainable living, and zero waste are becoming increasingly popular

It is not surprising that most brands strive to create 100{8911b186dc8eb68cf7477c00c897a45e728d69107c116b7a555a42ac961b72cc} of their eco-designed products, or even 100{8911b186dc8eb68cf7477c00c897a45e728d69107c116b7a555a42ac961b72cc} recycled products, in accordance with corporate social responsibility values. With VOC-free laminates, aluminum columns without chrome, nickel or lead, and wooden elements from eco-managed forests, designers and brands can now design eco-friendly bathrooms. Recycled PET is also used in trays.

Ceramics and tiles are energy-intensive, so why not use stone basins instead (since they are made in high temperature ovens)? However, the extraction of stone has an energy cost. There are also recycled, water-repellent and easy-to-install vinyl planks. Finally, EcoSmart technologies can be applied to hydrotherapy.

In 2023, we will go 100{8911b186dc8eb68cf7477c00c897a45e728d69107c116b7a555a42ac961b72cc} natural with bare tones, raw natural materials, organic shapes, and zero waste accessories.

A new trend in accessories is zero waste bulk: everyone opts for products without packaging, whether they are shampoo, shower gel, laundry detergent, or cleaning products. In particular, glass wall supports and large bottles were installed. The focus is on the fabric with the double gauzes to remove make-up from the face, stored in timeless wicker and rattan storage baskets, which look elegant on a shelf.

The best of sales: vintage soap dishes with the school soap that goes with them and zero waste soap dishes.

Palettes of earthy and pastel colors

Spa-hospitality inspiration characterized by delicacy and cosmetics led to the development of neutral natural shades. Delpha’s marketing manager, Océane Lavanchy, explained, “After the trend of strong colors (cinnamon, sage green, etc.), soft and warm colors like hazelnut and coffee are becoming more popular. They create a cocooning atmosphere, back to basics, and harmonize easily. Pure white is cold, while beige, pearl, powder pink, diluted terracotta tones, etc., warm up while giving a fine finish.”

Although the brighter colors are still present, they are still present in touches. The apricot pastel is also important, since orange is the key color for 2024, bringing vitamin C, which is good for morale. Bright colors can also be applied to linens. The good surprise of 2022-2023 will be violets, parma, and ultraviolet, according to Alexandra Maes, Zodiô’s decoration market manager. They look great with browns and taupes.

Featuring nude tones, relief effects, wildly elegant natural materials, so soft curved lines, the niche trend, and a single-story design, the Neovestige bathroom blends modern antique style with nude tones, relief effects, and natural materials.

Materials to watch in 2023

The emphasis is less on black or gunmetal taps this year; it is the time of brass , which accomplishes the feat of rendering a room both feminine and industrial.

The mood is set in a glamorous bathroom with brass lighting.

A strong bias is evident in the marbles on the walls and on the floor, which are easier in white, but more popular in green and brown. Additionally, Corian® is returning as a technological material. In addition, Villeroy & Boch is developing Quaryl® for shower trays and bathtubs. Valérie Weiss specifies that the product combines quartz and acrylic in order to provide exceptional shapes and textures as well as high-quality technical features. As for Bleu Provence, the brand emphasizes fire clay, the best quality of ceramic. It keeps its shine for a long time and is tinted throughout the mass.”

The timeless beauty of marble never goes out of style.

The codes of the living room have arrived in the bathroom – and conversely, bathroom furniture is installed in the living room as well! In this room, compact, multifunctional furniture takes precedence. The Bleu Provence brand is releasing smaller washbasins of 40 cm or even 36 cm in place of 50 cm previously. The depth is 30 cm instead of 40 cm. The new 34 cm deep furniture has also been designed by Delpha, perfect for optimizing space, facilitating circulation, and prioritizing the shower-bath-toilet function; they are also obvious for small spaces.

Similarly, the single washbasin is increasingly taking precedence over the double washbasin, so that there is more storage and a sense of space.

How to give priority to free movement when designing washbasin cabinets and storage.

As for the basins, we have a lot of fun: structure, soft colors, color… The enveloping and reassuring atmosphere comes from round and organic shapes as well. In addition, there is an increase in laminated washbasin tops with countertop washbasins, which differ from tops with integrated washbasins. More importantly, the base offer is growing in order to accessorize the furniture and change its appearance.

Usually, there is melamine and lacquer in a bathroom because it provides an irreproachable appearance, and at the same time, the mast is gaining popularity, for example at Delpha, it accounts for 65{8911b186dc8eb68cf7477c00c897a45e728d69107c116b7a555a42ac961b72cc} of sales.

The Jungle print is the best of the new collection at Schmidt, which offers around twenty patterns harmonized with textiles.

Is it better to have tiles or wall panels in the bathroom?

Three years of triple digit growth is expected from the wall panels. With their large dimensions of 2.40 m x 1.20 m, they provide zen and decorative flat color options. As the panels can be placed on existing tiles, this is an interesting concept in the context of replacing a shower with a bathtub or doing a quick renovation. Bathroom trade shows are buzzing about this product at the moment.

Many homes, however, still opt for the timeless and eclectic tiles. We can say it keeps the French preference due to the many textures and reliefs it creates, giving it an authentic feel to the tiles. Zellige excels in this area, and this year the line is adorned with warm colors, for a look that awakens, completely assumed.

We dare everything in 2023 in pink-orange tones, both soft and vibrant.

For 2023, here are the top bathroom fixtures

The eternal bathroom question, shower or bathtub? For reasons of space and surface, water savings, and practicality-safety, the shower takes the win. There is still a long way to go for shower trays, as they can choose from a wide range of colours, textures, and drain covers, so they remain far ahead. However, if the room is spacious enough, the shower + bathtub option continues to gain followers. “The very expression of well-being sought in a bathroom, the bathtub is reinventing itself, by positioning itself completely against the wall as with our Oberon 2.0 or Collaro models, even in smaller bathrooms”, notes Villeroy & Boch’s marketing and communication director Valérie Weiss.

Niche is plural: you can design it in a thousand ways, individually.

Theodore Merlin

The recessed niches of great height (124/152/170 cm) are extremely popular in the shower as well as in the bathtub, since they allow the user to easily access everything. Increasingly, they are equipped with tinted glass to prevent dust and have a more sober appearance, which makes it easy to see your products while hiding them at the same time.

For the bathroom layout of 2023, the storage column is a must-have. It allows you to store everything without cluttering the space.

Additionally, additional storage spaces are becoming more elaborate: preparation areas called ‘dressing tables,’ shelves, storage columns…

Electronics are more and more prevalent, and smartphones are more important: mirrors with rims for smartphones, bathroom cabinets with USB ports…

Accessorizing is essential

To create the perfect atmosphere in a bathroom, accessorizing plays a crucial role. In addition to shelves, candles, plants, baskets, and trinkets, bath linens can also add color, because they are increasingly made from recycled materials and therefore labeled as GRSs (global recycled standard). We can also find authentic, durable, and artisanal objects here as well. 

Bringing together the trends of 2023 in a boudoir-style bathroom.

This year, the ultimate accessory is the mirror. This year, the backlit circle will be replaced with oblong-shaped models, such as the Ovoid models from Maisons du Monde, or the Galilée models from Lapeyre, similar to the pebble. The technological mirror is not yet a reality in France, as the simple anti-fog and intensity adjustment functions are more appreciated and used.

As a result of the laundry room’s integration, a large full-length mirror can be installed.

Mirrors spread across several walls are another trend in bathrooms without windows, in addition to the central mirror.

Adjustable spotlights, solar-powered or subdued, replace central ceiling lights.

Laundry room is stain-free!

In 2023, the laundry room will be discreetly integrated into the bathroom – allowing for a more decluttered kitchen and reduced noise pollution in the living room. A door or removable wooden screen conceals the washing machine corner and laundry space. Moreover, the decoration is not neglected here, rather it harmonizes the functional spaces. Therefore, the installation no longer only includes laminated golden oak jambs that structure the household appliances, but also an extremely well organized bathroom as a whole.

Here are our experts: Thomas Menard, marketing director at Envie de Salle of Bain-Cedeo; Oceane Lavanchy, marketing manager at Delpha; Valérie Weiss, marketing director at Villeroy & Boch; Caroline Garnier, interior design at 4murs; Yohann Dubot, France sales manager at Acquabella; Arnaud Blacher at Bleu Provence; Léocadie Brothier, brand and communication manager at Héméa; Jérémy Ligier, bathroom fittings and furniture offer manager at Schmidt; Alexandra Maes, decoration market manager at Zôdio; Amandine Ducatteeuw, style director at Leroy Merlin.