The best Christmas gifts for friends

The perfect gift for your friends: there’s something for everyone!

Are you planning a small Christmas party for your friends? Whether you are doing a lucky draw or setting a maximum amount, it remains to know what to give! Here are our fun, useful (and not futile) ideas!

Here are 8 Christmas gift ideas for friends

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In summary:

  • The world’s scratch map

  • Warm blankets

  • A mug with a funny message

  • Plush with a heating element

  • 5. A good bottle of Gin

  • Low-consumption lamps

  • Accessories for bikes

  • A box of positivity

World map scratched out

Travel restrictions associated with Covid-19 have eased, so you can go on road trips again! Looking for a Christmas gift idea for a globe-trotting friend? Try a beautiful map of the world.

There’s a twist to this map: as your friend visits a new country, your friend can scratch the corresponding location, revealing the country in colorful form.

Keeping warm with a nice blanket

This year, we must be careful to reduce our energy consumption, namely by reducing the interior temperature. It is therefore necessary to cover up more, and there is nothing better than receiving a comfy blanket on your sofa to keep warm!

A mug with a funny message  

You can still mark the occasion with a nice gift with inscription mugs if you have a small budget for Christmas. With its quirky and funny personality, you are sure to find one that matches your friends’ personality; whether it’s to highlight their qualities, or to point out their flaws in a playful manner!

A heated plush toy

You have a friend who is still a big child at heart? If so, why not give him a soft toy so that he can stay warm all night long? The heated stuffed animals will provide him/her with a real source of warmth and tenderness as he/she is able to hold a tender little animal in his arms: a real source of comfort and warmth!

5. A good bottle of Gin

The trend of cocktails is growing, especially those based on gin, which has seen its worldwide sales soar in recent years. This tasty alcohol, lacking too many special aromas, is a great Christmas present for friends! There are also many variations, with a variety of flavors to appeal to everyone!

A lamp with a low power consumption

Using less electricity is a key trend for the future, and we had the opportunity to see it firsthand. It might as well be a good idea to offer your friends objects that will help them save energy. A low-consumption lamp is ideal for design enthusiasts, so you can choose the model that will impress your loved ones most.

This gift should include low-consumption light bulbs.

Accessories for bikes

Increasingly, we are being encouraged to switch to greener modes of transport, such as bicycles. If one of your friends switched to a bicycle for his travels this year, help him make the transition even easier by offering him accessories related to this mode of transportation, such as:

  • Backpacks that are appropriate

  • Signals for turning

  • Mirrors at the back of the vehicle

  • Handlebar-mounted mitts

  • Padlocks that are practical…

A box of positivity

Do you have someone around you who needs a little moral boost? Then this homemade gift will touch his heart day after day! Write events in history or inspirational quotes on post-its. Put these pieces of paper in a jar and invite your friend to open one a day!