The best way to paint melamine furniture with spray paint

If you want to renew melamine furniture or give it a totally new look, it is not necessary to throw it away, you can simply spray paint it and it will look brand new again. In this article, we will show you how to paint your melamine furniture quickly and easily.

Using PINTYPLUS Evolution spray paint, we will be able to accomplish this task. Besides being suitable for interiors and exteriors, this paint has a fast drying characteristic that will allow you to paint between coats more quickly. Additionally, it is ideal for all kinds of materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, etc.

The following items will be needed in addition to the spray cans:

  • A mask and gloves are needed to protect yourself.

  • The cardboard can be placed under the furniture to prevent paint from staining the floor.

  • You can use masking tape to cover an area that you don’t want painted.

  • To remove the furniture’s doors and drawers, use a screwdriver.

How to spray paint melamine furniture

  1. The first step in painting melamine furniture is to disassemble the doors and remove the drawers, so that there is free space and we can paint each part properly.

  2. We will sand and clean the drawers and the body of the furniture after disassembling it in order to help the paint adhere better.

  1. After sanding all the melamine, we will clean the furniture to remove the dust particles created by the sandpaper.

  2. When we have cleaned the surface of the furniture we will begin to paint with the spray . It is important to shake the spray can well for one minute if it is your first time using it. We will place the spray can at least 30 centimeters from the surface so that no imperfections are created during painting.

  3. It takes 10 minutes for the first layer to partially dry after it has been applied.

  4. As soon as it has dried for 10 minutes, you should avoid touching it with your fingers. However, applying a second coat won’t cause any problems.

  5. Once the second coat of paint has been applied, let the furniture dry for 15 minutes, which is how long it takes for it to completely dry.

If you spray paint your melamine furniture on the weekend, it is an easy and quick task that you can complete in one day. You should consider the size of your furniture when choosing the 400ml spray can, since each spray can is made to cover up to 2m2. You may want to consider the 200ml size if it is for a small piece of furniture, since it is suitable for surfaces up to 1m2.

Let PINTYPLUS help you paint what you want!