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Optimization of its energy efficiency is needed

For both landlords and owner-occupants, improving your energy performance has advantages. First, if you are renting your property, then you will be able to keep it. Secondly, thanks to more comfortable, better insulated, and less energy-intensive housing, you’ll be able to live a better life. Let’s work together to improve your ECD score.

How can you improve your energy diagnosis with DPE 2023?

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In summary:

  • A reminder of the key points of the DPE reform

  • What can you do to improve your energy diagnosis on a limited budget?

  • When it comes to improving your energy diagnosis, how do you choose the most appropriate works?

A reminder of the key points of the DPE reform

An energy performance diagnosis (DPE) measures the energy consumption of your home as well as its greenhouse gas emissions.

New directives have been in effect since last year, mostly targeting rental properties. If you own a rental property, you will be directly affected by these changes.

It is the ban on renting housing deemed too energy-intensive that is the most impactful measure of the reform. For class G properties with an energy consumption of more than 450kWh/m2/year, properties will not be let from: – 2023. For all class G goods, 2025 is the deadline – for all class F goods, 2028 is the deadline – for all class E goods, 2034 is the deadline

What can you do to improve your energy diagnosis on a limited budget?

The problem of costs often comes up with owners, since energy renovation work is quite expensive. Furthermore, it is noted that DPE estimates usually go down in price from actual costs. One thing is certain, you will not be able to renovate all aspects of your home, it would represent an astronomical budget.

What is the best way to improve your energy diagnosis without breaking the bank? In order to improve your energy diagnosis, you must first pick the most relevant elements to renovate. You can ask your diagnostician for advice, in particular to identify the places where you lose the most heat.

There is also state funding for energy renovations. Ma Prime Rénov is one of the most known, but it isn’t the only one.

What are the best ways to improve your energy diagnosis?

Improvement recommendations differ from accommodation to accommodation, based on a variety of factors including the size of the property, the type of walls, windows, and shutters, and even the construction materials.


If you want to improve your energy diagnosis, insulation is the first thing you need to consider. Depending on your property, your desires, and your budget, you can choose the type of insulation you prefer (inside or outside) as well as the materials you use. For example, you can insulate the walls, the roof, the windows, or even the floors.

Water heater and heating system

In order to improve your energy performance, you should opt for renewable energy sources as much as possible in place of fossil fuels, such as gas or fuel oil.

Several heating options are available to you, including: – Electric heat pumps run on electricity, which drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which improves your DPE score. They can be used in both houses and apartments. – The wood or pellet stove allows individual houses to reduce heating consumption. – Mixing different types of energy is also recommended (for example, solar panels and gas).

First, adapt your water heater’s size to reduce its energy usage. Indeed, most old balloons are much too large compared to a home’s water needs. In particular, you can choose a smaller ball, a flat or vertical ball, or even an instant ball with a boost system. This last option allows you to have hot water immediately, without being cumbersome. You’ll reduce your water consumption and your water bill as a result.

The diagnosticians do not themselves set the ratings of the DPEs and the recommendations. Everything is done using the ADEME algorithm , set up by the State. They, however, have a duty to advise. It is always a good idea to talk with them to see what your accommodation options are.