The sanitation of the bathroom requires sanitation work

Bathrooms are the most humid rooms in the house. It is crucial to protect the room from the formation of mold. You need to do some essential work to clean up the room and protect your health. This work will also modernize the bathroom. Let’s find out how sanitation works are.

In summary:

  • Bathtub security

  • Toilet installation

  • Make sure your shower is safe

  • Sink installation

  • Hot tub installation

Bathtub security

You can consult the sanitation tariff in Paris to determine the budget necessary for the realization of the project, but having a bathtub is a privilege, but it must be secured to prevent accidents. An imbalance can be corrected with the installation of a bar, and slipping can be reduced by installing a bath screen. A seat can also be installed to ensure your comfort while in the bath. The bathroom remediation company will help you choose a bathtub model according to the room’s layout and the decoration style you want.

Toilet installation

You can always find a WC in a sanitized bathroom. You can choose a classic model with a floor-mounted toilet bowl, cistern and flapper, or go for a wall-hung toilet with a recessed tank or formwork covering. Japanese toilets, also called shower toilets, are another option. These toilets consist of a bowl, a cistern and a nozzle, which eliminate bad odors by using visual sensors.

Make sure your shower is safe

Sanitizing the bathroom also involves installing a shower that meets all safety standards. Certain accessories, such as a seat or a shower screen, may also be necessary to complete the installation. Showers are particularly suitable for small bathrooms, since they usually consist of a cabin, a shower tray, a drain, a shower head, and a column. It’s important to choose the right material, whether it’s a walk-in shower or a classic shower. Wood, stone, concrete or ceramic are the most common materials.

Sink installation

There are two types of washbasins available: countertop and built-in. At the moment, double sinks are on trend. Their shape and dimensions are determined by the bathroom’s size as well as the decor. You can find square, rectangular, oblong and oval washbasins on the market. The best materials for installing a washbasin are glass, wood, terracotta, stainless steel and stone.

Hot tub installation

There is no requirement to install a jet tub, but if you have the space and budget, it would be a shame not to. Hot tubs are great for relaxing and fighting stress. Additionally, a jacuzzi adds a touch of luxury to any bathroom. It is possible to choose between an in-ground model or an above-ground model. What more could you ask for?