The Valentine’s Day file: male gift ideas

Valentine’s Day success

February 14 has a special significance for all lovers: Valentine’s Day! And if this year your brain plays lazy and you lack a bit of inspiration, don’t panic: Dé’s editorial staff has prepared a thousand and one gift ideas for the one of your heart. 

Gift ideas for men for Valentine’s Day

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In summary:

  • Candle and cement pot

  • Decanter for whiskey

  • There is a popcorn machine

  • Bathrobes that are personalized

  • A machine that makes espresso

  • Using a headphone

  • Marble Laguiole knives in imitation

The cement pot in which a candle is housed

Is your dear and tender one who enjoys relaxing and reading in their favorite armchair on cocooning evenings? Can you complete the picture with a beautiful 3wick candle in a cement pot with a very raw look that will fulfill his desire for coziness?

Decanter for whiskey

For Valentine’s Day, offer your significant other a marvelous crystal whiskey decanter if they enjoy good whiskey and pretty things. With its straight lines, its gently vintage sleek look and its perfect transparency, this carafe will elevate any aperitif!

Machines that make popcorn

For Valentine’s Day, here’s the perfect gift for your man who enjoys movie nights: an ultra stylish and easy-to-use popcorn machine which will allow him to enjoy movie sessions like at the cinema without ever having to leave the sofa!

Personalized bathrobes

Would you like to show your love to your lover by giving her a superb personalized bathrobe? If your lover loves taking hot baths and showers, why not buy her one? This very soft cotton (350g/m2) hooded bathrobe will quickly become a bathroom essential for your man. Comfortable and cozy, it’ll quickly become a bathroom staple for your man.

Espresso machine

Whenever you think of your chosen one, he always starts the day with a good cup of coffee, and he considers himself to be a barista. As well as providing excellent coffee, this magnificent espresso machine will enhance your kitchen with its elegant finishes and sleek design, making him the happiest of men on Valentine’s Day.


Occasionally, you may want to watch TV quietly or read quietly around you, but your partner loves to listen to his favorite music all day at full volume. When you use these pretty black headphones on your ear, without battery, you can listen to music solo and muted at any time!

Laguiole knives made of imitation marble

A set of four Laguiole knives with an imitation marble handle will be the perfect gift to satisfy a gourmet fan of design and elegance for Valentine’s Day: they are made of high-quality stainless steel and have a high-quality stainless steel blade! These little wonders are dishwasher-compatible, so he will not need to hand wash them! Your darling can rest assured!