There is a round table in the dining room

Round dining tables can round off corners in dining rooms

A round table is becoming increasingly popular in the dining room, and this is not just a coincidence. In addition to changing from traditional rectangular or square tables, the round table brings femininity, softness, and has no equal for reducing the angles in our rooms which are often filled with furniture at right angles and at sharp corners. For those lacking inspiration, you can use the following small slide to find ideas on how to decorate your dining room with a round table.

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  • Vintage-style round table

  • Round designer table

  • Round table with a minimalist design

  • Round table XXL

  • Round table made of two materials

  • The table is two-toned

  • Mismatched chairs and a round table

  • Round table with XXL legs

  • Round table made of solid wood

  • Round tables are romantic

In the vintage style, a round table

The perfect addition to your dining room is a vintage round table made of aged, varnished or limed white wood for a shabby chic or country house look. A piece of furniture that works very well in “total look” mode with my white brick walls, white flooring and white chairs around the table.

Round table designed by a designer

Consider using a two-material round table with a brown wooden top and a black metal base in a designer dining room. The metal will add a contemporary touch while the wood will add warmth.

Round table with a minimalist design

No problem: you just have to opt for a minimalist round table for a minimal footprint if you like the curves and softness of the round table but you don’t want one that’s too large.

Round table XXL

The XXL round table allows you to store up to 10 chairs around it, which is great if you like large tables and you love to host family and friends for meals.

Round table made of two materials

You can’t go wrong with a round table that has a heavy wooden top and a very modern metal base, and around which you can arrange some chairs and a stool for a touch of originality.

Round table with two tones

To keep a Nordic look in your dining room, we appreciate the round table with a white wooden top and a light wooden compass base.

Mismatched chairs and a round table

For a dynamic and original side, we dare mismatched chairs with different shapes and colors to bring a subtle twist to the dining room.

Round table with XXL legs

Try a round table on an XXL base if you have large chairs or simply like originality. It’s vintage and practical as most chairs will fit under it.

Round table made of solid wood

A solid wood round table with a very thick tabletop and base could be the centerpiece for your dining room if you like round tables with a maximalist spirit.

Round tables are romantic

Round tables are also romantic thanks to their graceful shapes and pretty white colors … especially when they accommodate two chairs for a “head to head” atmosphere!