This tutorial shows you how to spray coral pintyplus on a metal lamp

Most of the time, we have metal lamps at home that work well and we like them, but they are rusty or their color is out of date. Perhaps you can paint it again in a color that matches the decor in your house if you had thought about throwing it away. Here is an example of how the Pintypluser @Jipijapas transformed an old metal lamp into a decorative element.

Because coral is a fashionable color, we decided to use it in this step by step as a complement to a shabby chic room or as a vintage touch. As the saying goes, tastes, colors, so we have a wide selection to choose from. Don’t change lamps, change colors!

Materials needed: 

  • CHALK Pintyplus Primer spray bottle

  • Pintyplus CHALK Coral spray bottle

  • Pintyplus TECH Zinc Primer spray bottle

  • Spray bottle of Pintyplus TECH Permanent Adhesive

  • Supplies for cleaning and a rag

  • Goma Eva piece in black

  • Screwdriver with an electric motor

  • Hand gloves made of latex

The first step is to clean the lamp

Firstly, we must prepare the lamp surface and stock up on cleaning products. Next, we should rub the lamp well with a damp cloth and a little water. It is quite unlikely that Aladdin’s genie will appear after rubbing it.

Disassemble the lamp in step two

If there hasn’t been a genie to appear, you can now proceed to disassemble the lamp with an electric screwdriver.

After separating the lampshade from the base of the lamp, remove the piece that holds the bulb. Disassemble this piece and leave the contact cable loose.

Remove the lamp base’s cable next.

As soon as you have removed the cable, unscrew the support piece so that you can paint all the parts separately. You can also clean less visible places that are dirty or rusted.

Apply Pintyplus TECH Zinc Primer to the base

To protect the base from rust and moisture, spray it with zinc primer. If the base is in poor condition, cover it with a cape.

4. Prime the areas to be painted with Pintyplus Chalk Paint Primer

Next, spray Chalk Primer on the parts of the lamp you will paint coral in order to improve the adhesion of the paint.

You can apply another coat after 24 hours for a better finish. Let it dry for at least one hour.

5. Spray Coral Pintyplus CHALK PAINT on the screen and the base

It’s time to paint the pieces that you’ve primed once they are completely dry. When painting small pieces like these, we suggest placing them inside a cardboard box so that they are not stainable when spraying. Protect the area where you are going to paint well.

Pintyplus CHALK coral paint has a matte finish, which is ideal for giving this retro-style lamp the vintage look it deserves. Spray the paint about 25 cm away from the lamp, covering it well in cross-layers.

The sixth step is to restore the base

A piece of EVA rubber will be used for your lamp’s base, which you will mark and cut out, giving it the same shape as the base.

Once the support is trimmed, apply the Pintyplus TECH Permanent Adhesive spray to the side of the base you will glue it to. Top with the support, applying a little pressure to ensure it sticks well.

The lamp must be reassembled in step 7

In the end, you have a brand new, super-trend lamp! You sure are a genius! All you need to do now is put a light bulb in it and you’re done!