Tips for organizing your child’s dressing room for back to school

Here are 8 tips for organizing your child’s dressing room for back to school!

This is an opportunity to sort and organize the children’s room. The dressing room of your little blond head deserves good storage. Here are 8 tips for organizing this space!

Back-to-school dressing room organization tips

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In summary:

  • The first step is to sort

  • Keep only seasonal clothing

  • Hang up clothes

  • 4. Divide drawers with drawer dividers

  • Sort clothes according to their type

  • Make sure the clothes are at your child’s height

  • Using the KonMari method is one of the best ways to organize

  • The dressing room should have a small chair

1.The first step is to sort

You’ll definitely need to sort out your child’s clothes in order to reorganize his dressing room! There are bound to be plenty of clothes lying about that are too small for him or that he simply no longer wears. Sort all clothing items in the dressing room, keeping those that you keep on one side, and those that you separate on the other.

2.Clothing should only be kept during the season

In your child’s closet, put aside clothes that are not suitable for the season. You don’t want to store shorts, t-shirts, and swimsuits in the dressing room when it is -50°C outside! Only store seasonal clothes in the dressing room; everything else should be folded neatly and stored in a box under the child’s bed.

3.Hang up clothes

It’s easier for your child to store clothes on hangers than fold them… To avoid piles of unfolded tees and pants in your dear little head’s dressing room blonde, use hangers.

4. Divide drawers with drawer dividers

If you have a chest of drawers to store your child’s clothes, install drawer dividers to keep everything from getting mixed up quickly. Instead of buying them, use cardboard boxes, such as shoe boxes, which you can even have your child decorate. You can even label each box so your child knows where to look and where to put away.

5.Sort clothes by type

Make the dressing room more practical, functional, and logical for your child by organizing his clothes this way.

6.Fit your child’s clothes

Make it easier for your child to get dressed or put things away on their own by placing the clothes at his height! Low cabinets, carrying at his height, baskets on shelves, small shelves… putting things at his height will make his life much easier!

7.Use the KonMari method to organize your home

You probably know the popess of tidying up, we named Marie Kondō! Roll your child’s clothes vertically and store them in drawers, boxes, and wooden crates, and you’ll never have to worry about a pile of clothes falling because your child is wearing his favorite shirt!

8.In the dressing room, install a small chair

Do your children leave their belongings on the floor when they undress? Put a small chair near the dressing room! A trick that will also allow your dear little blond head to prepare her outfit for the next day, by putting it on the chair, and to dress more easily on her own, by sitting on the chair. Clever, you said? Practical? What’s more, clever!