Valentine’s Day contest: win a romantic night!

Get a taste of Provence at La Suite d’Amour

Deco has found you a nugget of sweetness and love to share with your other half, family or friends.

Play our Valentine’s Day contest to win a romantic night!

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In summary:

  • Get a free night’s stay

  • What The Love Suite is all about

  • House of Cucuron

  • Let’s talk about decor

  • What makes it so special

Get a free night’s stay

During the month of February, La suite d’Amour du Luberon is sponsoring Valentine’s Day at Déco. You can enter to win a free night in the suite of the Cucuron house, for two people. Subject to suite availability.

You can enjoy your other half or simply your loved ones in an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and calm.

To benefit from his gift, you must meet the following conditions

*A stay of 1 night for 2 people at La Suite d’Amour de Cucuron valid for one year from the date the participant wins, which must be consumed before February 13, 2024 (excluding school holidays, public holidays and bridges, depending on availability). Accommodation for 2 people for one night is included in the prize. The prize cannot be transferred to another person.

Trying my luck is what I do

A brief overview of The Love Suite

The Suite d’Amour is made up of two houses: the house of Lourmarin and the house of Cucuron. These are old village houses recently renovated.

A house owned by Cucuron

The house has been renovated and tastefully decorated, and is located in the center of Cucuron, next to the famous basin with plane trees. Six kilometers from the most beautiful village in France, Lourmarin. The Luberon Natural Park is full of charm and authenticity. Whether you prefer “long walks” or “sporty hikes”, you will find something to suit you. A market and shops are also nearby. Two bedrooms with a full bathroom and a walk-in shower are featured in the house, as well as a living room with a fireplace and an adjoining kitchen.

I’d like to discuss decor with you

To say the least, this cocoon of love is elegantly decorated. The decorator and interior designer Nathalie Vingot, who is also the mistress of the place, did all the work and decorated the place. This is a house that is above all welcoming because she managed to bring out authenticity and beauty in simplicity. As most of the furniture and decorative objects were brought back from a trip, they give the impression of “coming from somewhere else,” which gives the decor its originality and uniqueness.

What makes it so special 

If you want to disconnect from the world, unwind, and/or recharge yourself far from the daily grind and noise, this is the place for you. Whether it be as a couple to rekindle the flame or enjoy your other half, as a family to bond, with friends to recharge your batteries, or just to telecommute serenely, we have something for you.

It is very convenient to stay at the Suite d’Amour.

The guests will have access to excellent restaurants, whether they are starred or not, as well as agricultural shops nearby during their stay. It is the house’s ambition to make you enjoy life, decompress, find inspiration, or even find yourself for some. Feeling like an epicurean is what makes you book! If you want to experience this marvelous experience, book now!