What is the best way to choose a steam generator?

No more long ironing sessions struggling to remove creases on shirts with an ironing board!

It’s time to let your iron tremble, steam generators are on the rise! The steam station makes ironing easy and fast! It eliminates the need for long ironing sessions struggled on the ironing board to remove stubborn creases from shirts! But what to look for in store when choosing the right model?

In summary:

  • What is the best way to choose a steam generator?

  • Steam generators cost how much?

  • Steam generator life extension: how to do it?

What should you look for when choosing a steam generator?

Steam generators produce steam that penetrates and smoothes laundry thanks to their high-pressure tanks.

Steam generators dominate the shelves in stores due to their popularity… And if you want to buy one, it isn’t easy to navigate among the many models.

A steam generator consists of a specific iron placed on a tank that generates steam. Choosing a steam generator based on the right criteria is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • The efficiency of the steam : just as with the iron, the more steam the device delivers, the greater the steam output. Steam flows can reach 450g/min with the boost function. The steam flow can reach 90g/min for small flows and 140g/min for larger flows. In addition to flow, you need the plant’s pressure (the ability to bring steam to the fibers and pass through the textiles). A minimum pressure of 3.5 bars is recommended!

  • A steam generator’s power determines the speed at which the device is ready for use.

  • Are there any anti-limescale systems on the appliance? Self-cleaning systems, anti-limestone rods (scale collectors) or anti-limescale cartridges?

  • A steam iron with automatic adjustment will cost more than a simple iron with manual adjustment. What makes it special? Using a constant temperature that is high enough to iron all types of fabric and low enough to avoid damaging the most delicate fabrics!

Purchasing a steam generator must take this into account since a special ironing board is required to allow steam to flow.

A high-pressure steam generator from Calor Pro is our editor’s pickT

What is the cost of a steam generator?

There are several disadvantages of the steam generator, one of which is its price… higher than a simple iron! The price of the steam generator depends on the model, the brand, and also where you bought it.

You can expect to pay between 70 and 300 euros for a steam generator with limited autonomy. For a model with unlimited autonomy, you will have to pay between 100 and 500 euros.

These steam generators cost between 300 and 500 euros, and come with the appropriate ironing board.

In addition, steam generators cost between 500 and 3000€, or even more, for professional models.

The Philips steam generator iron offers the best value for money

What can be done to extend the life of a steam generator?

Given its price, the steam generator is for life! Yes, take care of your steam generator to prevent unpleasant surprises over time. You don’t want to buy a new steam generator just because you didn’t take care of your old one! The life of a steam generator can be extended with these tips.

  1. Keep your steam generator to a maximum of two hours per week. Reserve it for big ironing sessions. Don’t use it to iron t-shirts on speed before work in the mornings (prefer the iron for this).

  2. Steam generator iron soleplates should be washed regularly, even if there are no stains visible.

  3. Do not iron over clothing buttons with the soleplate of the iron.

  4. After using the boiler, empty it.

  5. If your device is low-end, you should use demineralized water or bottled mineral water instead of tap water. However, if your device is mid-range or higher, you may use tap water if it is not too hard. If so, you can mix tap water with demineralized or distilled water in a ratio of 50/50.

  6. Descale your steam generator with white vinegar every 3 to 6 months, depending on how often you use it.