What is the best way to improve your energy diagnosis in DPE 2023?

You can win the Deco kitty every day if you try your luck

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You can win €10 every day!

In summary:

  • A cat’s principle

  • We’re revamping the newsletter

Starting January 3, 2023, the decoration newsletter will now have a new look and will allow one of its subscribers to earn money every day for the realization of their projects.

The kitty’s principle

The principle is simple: every day, we draw a subscriber to the newsletter, and he must validate his gain to win the pot. If he does not, the amount of the kitty increases by €10, and another subscriber is drawn.

Subscribers receive a unique ticket in their daily newsletter and must click on it to see if they have won.

When no one wins the kitty for two weeks (14 days), its amount will be 140 euros. So pray that no one will check it every day as diligently as you.

In addition to the visual confirmation on the page, we will send you a confirmation email after we have validated your postal address.

By now, you must have understood that subscribers to the newsletter are the only ones allowed to play the cat game.

What will be the winner of this pot? Get ready, set, subscribe!

For a chance to win the Money Pot, subscribe to the newsletter

Participation in the kitty is subject to the following conditions

A new look is coming to the newsletter

The newsletter is not just about the kitty. There are also new designs and principles that now form The Deco Point.

Le Point Deco: what is it?

In Le Point Déco, we will discuss a specific subject every day in order to improve your home. Each article will come with a daily tip you can keep in your heart forever. It will be your little morning ritual to open Le Point Déco to discover all our good tips because it is a much more personal and very practical newsletter!

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