What material for your garden furniture?

Materials that give different atmospheres

When the good weather returns, we have only one desire: to escape the interior of the house and the enclosed spaces to make the most of the outdoors. For this, nothing better than the garden furniture which only asks to welcome us for moments of idleness and relaxation in the garden, on the terrace or even on the balcony. You hesitate as to the material to adopt for the latter? Déco.fr helps you choose between wood, metal, braided resin, PVC or aluminium.


Wooden garden furniture: cozy and warm 

To offer a warm atmosphere to your terrace, bet on raw and natural materials. The ideal: wood! This material has many qualities: in addition to being timeless and giving an authentic style to your garden furniture, it blends into any decor and matches all styles. From a more practical and technical point of view, wood is a material that has a long lifespan and is very resistant – provided it is well maintained of course.

The must for a wooden garden furniture? Exotic woods, which are naturally resistant to humidity and rotting . Acacia, teak, mango tree, rattan, wenge, eucalyptus… the hardest part will undoubtedly be choosing the species of your choice, because wood literally offers you the embarrassment of choice.

PVC garden furniture: cheap and solid 

Do you want to decorate your outdoor space with garden furniture to enjoy the summer, but your budget is rather gray? No problem: the PVC garden furniture is there to meet all your expectations! The good thing about it is that this material makes it possible to create outdoor furniture in all possible shapes and colors to best adapt to your garden or terrace. Another interesting advantage of the PVC garden furniture: it is solid, resists bad weather well (except frost), is easy to handle because it is light , and easy to maintain.

On the other hand, if you leave it in direct sunlight all year round, your PVC garden furniture may discolor because it offers poor resistance to UV rays.

A metal garden furniture: robust and elegant 

With the wrought iron garden furniture , all atmospheres are possible! Wrought iron will bring a romantic, vintage or bohemian touch to your garden, while stainless steel will give a modern and trendy touch. All tastes are allowed! 
As for the advantages of metal, you should know that this material could not be more robust and is resistant to both sunlight and bad weather . Easy to maintain, it is however often very heavy and therefore complicated to transport… but if you live in a very windy region, there is no risk of your wrought iron chairs blowing away in the wind.

Also note: if your garden furniture stays in full sun, provide cushions so as not to burn your buttocks on it in the middle of summer! 

Garden furniture in woven resin: modern and aesthetic 

Resin wicker garden furniture has been on the rise in outdoor spaces for a few years now. Which is quite logical given the qualities of woven resin, an elegant material with its weaving that imitates rattan and is available in a very wide color palette . When choosing your furniture, keep in mind that the thicker the resin wicker and the tighter the weaving, the more quality and durable your chairs and benches will be. 

Other advantages of woven resin: it is easy to maintain, resistant to UV and humidity . Qualities that have a price, and which explain why a quality woven resin garden furniture is not really compatible with small budgets.

Aluminum garden furniture: contemporary and eco-friendly 

If you want to create a clean and contemporary decor on your terrace, the aluminum garden furniture is made for you! Design and aesthetics, aluminum is a material that comes in an infinite number of colors to suit everyone. Solid and resistant, aluminum is also easy to maintain, durable, light, and totally ecological because it is infinitely recyclable .
Remember that the thicker the aluminum tubes that make up your garden furniture, the more robust it will be… but also the more expensive to buy!