You’ll never run out of ideas for gifts

When you receive a surprise invitation, you never know what gift to bring?

If you’re invited last minute, and you’re looking for a gift, forget about the bouquet of flowers, the chocolates, or the bottle of wine! Instead, choose something that is original, beautiful and practical. Light garland, cuddly blanket, or decorative object: here’s something to help!

Here are six gift ideas that will make your day

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The summary is as follows:

  • A garland of light

  • Racks for bottles

  • Blankets that cocoon

  • Posters that are pretty

  • There is a jewelry box

  • The candle

Garland of light

Over the past few years, it has become a trend and essential decorative object! You can use it both inside and outside: to decorate a balcony railing, to add subdued light to your living room or bedroom, or even to create an atmosphere of guinguette in your garden.

In addition to fine copper metal with LED lights, there are also guinguettes with large colored bulbs, rice paper balls with clips to hang photos, and even a color-customizable style. When it comes to choosing a model that matches your host, you will be spoiled for choice.

When you give a light garland to someone who enjoys decorating, you are sure to choose a useful and pleasing gift!

Racks for bottles

Guests are no longer sure where to store their bottles of wine. Why not play the originality card and provide a bottle holder to do the job?

Give your hosts a stylish metal bottle holder if their kitchen is decorated rather modernally! This decorative and practical accessory will allow them to showcase the treasures of their cellar without wasting any precious liquid. Traditional wooden bottle racks are perfect if they have a more classic decor.

Blankets that cocoon

It’s always a pleasure to give a last-minute gift like this, especially when the weather gets cold.Chunky knit or thick cotton, the plaid is the perfect cocooning accessory for the living room or bedroom.

In case you are not sure of your host’s tastes, choose a model in a solid color like gray or white. In case you are sure of their tastes or decoration, play the trendy or original card, with models in jacquard, tartan, etc.

Posters that are pretty

When we are invited, we seldom offer decoration to hang on the walls! However, if you choose a graphic poster in black and white, it is a brilliant idea.

Plant-inspired posters or posters that represent cities are some of the posters that will always delight and will find their place in any interior. A poster of a city map can even be printed on some sites. Make your host’s day by giving them a personalized present.

Boxes for jewelry

It’s impossible for you not to spoil the hostess even at the last minute. Instead of flowers, you should offer her a jewelry box! Find one that is small and cute, shaped like a shell, a treasure chest, or even an animal.

It is a small decorative object that does not occupy much space but adds a touch of originality to a room. You can make a ring holder in the shape of a hand, an animal or even a plant.


Candles make great last-minute gifts, because they are always appreciated and are useful gifts that can be used throughout the home. 

It’s a great idea to give your host the gift of homemade candles or candles scented with sweet scents. Several brands, including Durance, Diptyque, La Belle Mèche, and even My Jolie Candle offer unique and very designer gifts.

Candles come in classic scents like citrus, woodsy, sandalwood, and clean laundry that appeal to everyone.