12 Unique Household Items That Can Find a Place in Any Home

We do many chores the way we’ve gotten used to doing them, despite the inconveniences they may cause, and never think about finding simpler ways of getting things one. But funnily enough, you don’t have to make significant changes in your home or use complicated appliances. You can easily get these chores done with a handful of simple household items.

Silicone washing gloves

Kitchen sponges quickly deteriorate, and it feels slightly weird to wash vegetables with them after they’ve absorbed a huge amount of food waste from dirty dishes. Silicone gloves with bristles solve several problems at once: they perfectly cope with dirt on plates and food, they are easy to rinse, and they protect your hands from the effects of dishwashing liquid.

A flexible kitchen tap nozzle

Such a nozzle is perfect for both the kitchen and the bathroom because you can easily rinse the sink from any kind of contamination just by running a stream of water over the entire surface. Additionally, it can be used as a fountain while brushing your teeth.

A kitchen spatula holder

Spatula holders must be washed after every cooking session. Moreover, sometimes it happens that you have to cook several dishes at once, and putting all the spatulas in one place is not very hygienic, so you have to use more saucers and plates. This holder will easily solve this problem because it lets you fix the spatula directly on the pan.

A toilet cleaning device

Toilet brushes and their holders are a breeding ground for bacteria, and rinsing these bristles is not a very pleasant experience. Finally, you can save yourself from this headache by using this device: you just need to grab a disposable sponge with a stick and clean the toilet, and after pressing one button and not touching anything else, just throw it into the trash bin.

Cut-resistant kitchen gloves

This item is probably most useful for children and teenagers who have just begun to learn the basics of cooking. But there are certainly those, even among adults, who would like to avoid potential cuts. Such gloves protect your hands while cutting meat and fish and working with a variety of graters, and they will also be handy for other household chores or hobbies.

A rotating strainer

After washing lettuce leaves, spinach, and any other herbs, you usually need to dry them with a towel or napkins, otherwise, the lettuce will float in the water. But you can make your task easier with the help of a rotating strainer. You just need to put the herbs in it, rinse them, then push the handle up and down several times.

A shoe organizer

If you have a lot of shoes, it’s quite difficult to organize them neatly and compactly. There is often not enough space on the shelves, and shoes gradually begin to stack up on top of each other. This organizer solves all problems at once, as it saves space and brings order to the shoe shelves.

A leg shaver

Shaving legs with a typical razor can take quite a lot of time, especially when you’re working on your entire leg. But a uniquely-shaped circular leg shaver lets you finish the shaving process in just 2 moves.

A cutlery cleaning brush

Just as with gloves, this device is also designed to provide effective protection against accidental cuts and will come in very handy in homes with children who are just starting to get used to doing household chores.

A microwave pasta cooker

This container makes the process of cooking spaghetti very easy: using special recesses on the inside of the lid, you can measure the optimal amount of pasta, then it’s put inside the container, gets covered with water, and is sent to the microwave. And when the spaghetti is ready, you don’t even need to use a colander, as the cooker has holes for draining the water.

Souper cubes freezing tray

Storing leftover food in traditional containers is much more convenient than in ordinary dishes. But when you need to freeze some leftover sauce or soup, a silicone mold like this one is way handier. Later, it will be easy to take out 1 cube and quickly reheat the dish for just 1 person.

A milk dispenser

With the help of this cute little thing, you no longer have to take a whole bottle of milk out of the fridge just to add a couple of drops to your coffee. It’s enough to hold the bowl or cup and push the button to let milk pour into the vessel. Just a couple of such devices in the kitchen makes it much more functional.