Grass trimmer. What is it for and how is it used?

An edge trimmer or trimmer is a garden tool that complements the lawn mower to achieve a perfect finish for your lawn. It reaches the most difficult places and kills weeds. You want to know more?

Do you know what a trimmer or trimmer is? For those of you who like splendid mantles of grass, this tool is going to become a perfect companion. You should not confuse it with a brushcutter or think that it will prevent you from using the mower. But it is better that you see how it is used and decide for yourself if it is worth using it in your garden.

Perfect lawn when using the grass trimmer


What is a trimmer?

A grass trimmer is a power garden tool used to cut difficult areas of grass and weeds , in places that the mower cannot reach. We could say that it is a finishing tool, complementary to the lawn mower and that it should be used after mowing the lawn or, also, to go over and cut weeds.

What is a trimmer and what is it for?


How does the trimmer work?

The string trimmer works through the action of semi-rigid nylon cutting lines that rotate under the head. The trimmer that we have used in Handfie, from the Lista brand, specifically the CBE 550 N model, has two lines. Some trimmers only have one. In our case, by having two lines, each pass with the trimmer will be more efficient.

Lista CBE 550 N grass trimmer: two nylon lines

To activate the trimmer, simply press the button on the handle of the tool. In our model, the handlebars of the structure allow handling to be more stable and comfortable, avoiding a high level of vibrations.

Trimmer Top Handle Lista String Trimmer Handle List


Where to use a trimmer?

As we explained to you at the beginning, the grass trimmer is used to reach areas where the lawn mower does not reach. Or for a more perfect finish to your grass cover and mow the typical weeds that stick out. We show you below some of the situations in which the trimmer is very useful.

To avoid obstacles on the lawn such as sprinklers.

Grass trimmer around items sticking out of the ground

The grass trimmer goes where the mower can’t: under benches or other furniture

The grass trimmer goes where the lawn mower can't

For the weeds that populate the soil

Remove weeds in the garden with grass trimmers

For curbs and boundary areas where the mower cannot reach

Curb Trimmers

For a good finish around trees, flower beds, shrubs…

Mowing the grass attached to the trees

Here the sample that the mower blades do not reach when approaching trees or other obstacles.

The mower does not cut around trees and flowers

In short, the trimmer should be used for those places that the mower does not reach.

How to choose a grass trimmer: types

As with most power garden tools, there are electric (corded or battery) trimmers and gas-powered trimmers.

Gasoline grass trimmers tend  to have more power than electric ones. For this reason, we recommend them for large surfaces, specifically, from 200/250 square meters. If the surface you need to go over with the grass trimmer is less than 150 meters, we recommend the electric grass trimmer , taking into account that these are also lighter machines. Among the electric ones, you can also choose between cable or battery-powered trimmers. If you have a medium-sized garden (about 200 meters), we recommend a battery-powered grass trimmer for its autonomy. If, on the other hand, your garden is smaller (around 100/120 meters), the cable trimmer is the best option using an extension cord.

From our point of view, comfort when loading and using a machine is an important factor.

Depending on the type of use, we recommend that you choose a higher or lower motor power. Choose higher power for large surfaces and intensive use. Conversely, you will need less power if you are only going to use the trimmer occasionally.


Differences between a grass trimmer and a brushcutter

It is common to confuse a grass trimmer with a brushcutter , since, although both serve to complement the lawnmower where it does not reach and cut weeds, in reality, they have some differences.

The main characteristic of brushcutters is that they have much more power and are more robust. It is usual that, being heavier, brushcutters incorporate a harness to use it with comfort and stability. They usually have a greater cutting width than the trimmer and the nylon lines are thicker (about 2.4/3 millimeters compared to 1.2/2. . Therefore, if you have a very large plot, the most recommended is to use a brushcutter instead of the trimmer.

Differences trimmer and brushcutter

Well, do you already know a little more about the functions of the trimmer and the brushcutter? If you have more questions, as always, ask us, we are behind the screen to answer you. Here we leave you our final comparison so that you can choose well.