Stylish and elegant ways to enlarge a small bathroom

The best way to style a small bathroom

It is not impossible to combine small space, practicality, and decoration. You can be inspired by these 20 bathroom fittings that showed ingenuity and exploitation of every square centimeter.

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  • Yellow toned to enlarge the space

  • Bathroom with multiple functions in a small size

  • Space-saving walk-in shower

  • A small bathroom with two-in-one furniture

  • A small bathroom with white and wood

  • A small bathroom with impeccable style

  • Bathrooms in black and white

  • The small bathroom has a graphic style

  • Bathtub in a mini bathroom

  • The small bathroom is bright

Space is enlarged by toning yellow

An excellent way to maximize small spaces is to incorporate a triangular corner hand sink into this type of bathroom. What we like about this bathroom is the yellow wall covering and credenza, which add a real punch to the space! This sunny, light color will indeed make the room appear bigger and brighter. Source: Living in a shoe box

Bathroom with multiple functions in a small size

Two small bathrooms are able to accommodate a laundry area and a shower room thanks to a well-planned layout. As with any small room, it is essential to utilize all the space that is available. A washing machine can thus be placed under the worktop occupied by the sink, or even complete the lower part with storage shelves. With some tricks, you will be able to turn your small bathroom into a very functional one. Source: Salveanoiva / Home listy

Space-saving walk-in shower

You will need to optimize your bathroom if it is small. To achieve this, you should consider investing in a walk-in shower, which will take up little floor space. For optimally fitting out a small bathroom, the walk-in shower is indeed an ideal solution. As a result, while the walk-in shower floor and the room floor are an extension of each other, the room appears larger. A glazed wall, which allows light to circulate fully in the room, and the same coverings for both spaces reinforce this impression of space. Source: PC House – Urzadzamy

A small bathroom with two-in-one furniture

In order to maximize space while maintaining preparation space, a bench that converts into a storage space is the ideal solution. A bench can be practical for sitting down, of course, but it can also provide storage space, both above and below. An elegant way to give one element multiple functions without combining furniture, thus saving space.

In a small bathroom, white and wood are dominant

For a natural touch and to avoid a certain monochrome, these white earthenware bathrooms are complemented by wooden elements. An idea to remember! White is THE color to favor in a small space, whatever it is. It is the perfect shade to visually enlarge the space and bring light in. If the wood is chosen in a light color, it will emphasize this feeling of luminosity and lightness, and will create a harmonious, elegant composition.

A small bathroom with impeccable style

Using white when you want to expand a space is always a good idea, as we have already seen. This trick lends itself especially well to small bathrooms, especially if you opt to go all white. To add a little life and relief to the whole, do not hesitate to introduce a few touches of color, particularly through accessories. Source: Desire to inspire

Bathrooms in black and white

The black and white combo dresses these small bathrooms with a strong graphic feel. It remains a timeless style that works well in any room. Enough to add elegance and personality to a small bathroom. While you can opt for this timeless duo, you can also elevate it with a few pops of color, such as choosing a red bathtub, which is sure to attract attention and add an original touch to the together.

Small bathroom with graphic style

These two small bathrooms are awash in elegance and softness thanks to graphic paintings and furniture that has contemporary lines. Graphic motifs on paintings or posters will inevitably draw your attention and make you forget the room’s limited size. You can choose posters with geometric patterns, or you can choose quotes that motivate or put you in a good mood. Most contemporary furniture has clean lines that won’t clutter up the space. Source: Room Decorating Ideas

Bathtub in a mini bathroom

This is the essence of these two small bathrooms with brown flooring and small bathtubs, which evoke a sense of relaxation. Because the bathtub can adopt very different dimensions, ranging from the very small bathtub to the XXL version, not forgetting the duo bathtub. Thus, incorporating a bathtub into a small bathroom is quite possible. To optimize the space, place it along one of the room’s walls.

The small bathroom is bright

The light in the room can be used to create the illusion of a larger space in a small bathroom. Large windows will help you have a more spacious and airy interior. Reflections also play a major role in creating the illusion of a larger bathroom. You can make the room breathe by choosing materials like glass, reflective surfaces, or slightly transparent surfaces. Lacquered finishes, for instance, will reflect light and will look great in the room. Don’t forget to install a mirror in front of the window or perpendicular to it, as well as furniture with glass shelves to complete the look.

Bathroom with maximum storage space

If you have a small bathroom, it is crucial that you maximize the space with functional storage. Think of places that go unnoticed, such as shelves above the toilet, compartments under the sink or wall-mounted storage that utilizes the height of the ceiling. If you want to save space and benefit from additional storage space that will not clutter your bathroom, all means are good.

Natural textures for a small bathroom

With this dark stone wall, you can create a soothing atmosphere in your small bathroom by combining natural tones with different textures. For example, choose shades of brown, gray, and sand to give your bathroom all the cachet it deserves. Natural colors are perfect for creating a Zen atmosphere, even in a smaller space, and this decorative trick is ideal for creating an elegant spa-like universe even in a smaller space.

Suite in the style of a luxury hotel

In order to create a luxury master suite, you do not necessarily need large, airy spaces. A few key tips will help you optimize your space, without sacrificing any comfort. To separate and compartmentalize your bedroom into two distinct spaces without weighting it down, you can use a shelf, a bookcase or lighting. Everything will be accessible in the same airy, functional space. If only one of the two spaces has a window, natural light will be able to circulate freely.

Bathroom with a 2-in-1 function

There is no secret to saving space in a mini bathroom. Choose 2-in-1 tricks like this with an integrated bath-shower. Thus, it is also easy to take a quick shower before arriving at the office and to treat yourself to a moment of relaxation after work with a good hot bath. There is no need to worry about a small bathroom when it comes to optimal comfort!

Small bathroom furniture to maximize space

A small bathroom is often difficult to combine with designer furniture, especially if it is convoluted in its layout. By organizing the bathroom lengthwise, you can save space without minimizing décor. The room is functional and airy. Ingenious. The furniture offers staggered heights that bring rhythm to the whole while giving the room a unique and original style. The combination of white and gray brings a touch of brightness that is always welcome in small spaces.

Shower in the bathroom that is well positioned

If you want to make your small bathroom feel like a luxury spa and maximize the limited space, it is a good idea to opt for a walk-in shower, as we have already seen. You will not only save space, but you will also gain character with it. The best way to layout a bathroom is to pick the perfect spot for the shower. Using a double washbasin along with a shower installed at the back of the room creates a sense of depth without overwhelming the space.

A small bathroom with minimal decor

Is your bathroom too small? The essentials should be here only: a small high storage unit, sink, shower, mirror and functional accessories. Perfect for not overloading your small room and keeping all your everyday items close at hand! Keep your decoration simple by not adding posters to the walls, decorative objects on the shelves or mixing too many colors. One word should reign supreme: simplicity.

Small bathroom with neutral colors

A palette of light tones will give the impression that the bathroom is larger without breaking out the walls, as here. Combine different materials in natural colors from the floor to the ceiling to create a bathroom that breathes. Add a few touches of color with accessories and you’re done! Beware of dark colors as they will visually shrink the space and reduce its luminosity. Opt for clarity to make the room look larger and warmer.

Bathroom with citrus prints

Is it true that a small bathroom implies a lack of style? Yes, your bathroom might be small, but you can’t leave the decor out. So we boost everything with original color prints, and like here, we start with the tiles. Your small bathroom will look younger than ever again with the result. Don’t overdo it, however, or you may obtain the opposite effect. If possible, apply these patterns only to one part of the wall in order to highlight them and keep the room light.

Keep your eyes on the light

The decor of a small bathroom depends greatly on the brightness of the room. Lighting should therefore be chosen carefully. If you want to add a modern and original decorative touch to your room, pair wall lighting with a lighted mirror, which is both practical and functional for getting ready.